There were rumors about the separation of Irina Shayk and Kanye West

Sources close to celebrities have started rumors about the end of the romance between Russian supermodel Irina Shayk and American rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West. The corresponding material is published by Page Six.

Sources close to celebrities told the publication that the musician offered the model to go with him to Paris for a fashion show, but Sheik refused him, which was the reason for the speculation about the couple’s separation.

“She loves him as a friend, and does not want a relationship with him. She doesn’t want to stir up rumors about their affair, which would immediately spread in the press if she appeared with him in public in Paris. It would be another month of news that they are dating, ” said the person, whose name was not disclosed.

In June, the alleged duration of the romance between Irina Shayk and Kanye West became known. According to TMZ, the couple spent several months together, starting in March. One of the first meetings between West and Shake took place in New York at the end of April, when the artist came to say goodbye to the deceased rapper DMX.

For the first time, celebrities were suspected of having an affair in May. In the popular Instagram account DeuxMoi, where they regularly talk about the life of show business stars, an anonymous source posted a message, according to which the musician and the model began a romantic relationship. The celebrities themselves have not yet confirmed this information.