AlphaBay Market Users Complain About Potential Scammers

There are some potential scammers on AlphaBay Market posing as vendors to take advantage of unsuspecting users; one, in particular, was identified by a customer as buying drugs from other vendors then reselling them at around the same price.

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ScamThe US-based AlphaBay Market trader has been identified as a possible ‘selective scammer,” he promised a customer 2-day shipping on some tablets and actually delivered them on time with a few extra tabs on top.

Feeling happy with this order, the client decided to make another one, and that’s when the trouble started hitting him.

He paid this vendor about two weeks ago but has not received his package.

Feeling aggrieved, the AlphaBay Market buyer sent a message directly to him asking why the products have not yet arrived despite all payments being made.

This scammer responded by saying that he had sent it a day before receiving the text, but his statement is not true considering that the inquiry was made about a week ago, and still nothing has arrived.

Currently, the vendor is seen online frequently but avoids communicating with the person he scammed.

While the seller seemed legit at first sight, it was probably just a façade meant to hoodwink people into spending their money with him.

The buyer has lost hope of ever receiving his package and cautions others from using this same AlphaBay Market vendor again.

scammer-part2Following these revelations and a possible tainted image, the scammer sought to salvage himself by writing to the victim again.

Claiming that he recently checked tracking information and it showed that his package was about to arrive, further saying that all products had earlier been processed and made ready for shipping.

But there was a security concern soon afterward that forced them to cease operations temporarily, all for the safety of their customers which always comes first.

He also assured the customer that they don’t engage in scamming activities, though the client is still not satisfied by this explanation and feels as if his vendor lied, avoided communication and fell off the grid intentionally.

For these reasons, he should not be trusted by anyone buying stuff on AlphaBay Market.

However, this isn’t an isolated case as there have been reports of similar incidents on AlphaBay Market by other vendors.

One is accused of impersonating between 3-5 accounts and using them to conduct illegal business, while at the same time taunting the original owners.

Many users have become cautious with their money following these scamming claims, with some turning for advice to other users.

Concerned users replied by saying that the best way is by checking the vendors recent feedback status, this should give anyone an idea of what to expect upon doing business with a particular seller.

Alpha02 Has Publicly Been Doxed

A former AlphaBay Market admin might have been doxed publicly based on some Reddit reports; doxing is an online form of harassment where someone’s personal details are shared out without their consent. Despite this occurrence, it’s unlikely that traders would be affected since he left AlphaBay Market much earlier in August 2015.

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lyft-uber-hack-945x646Already users are expressing concern that the darknet Market isn’t safe after all, and may end up just like the previous two Silk Roads and Sheep Marketplace, which were seize by authorities. They say head admin made very rookie mistakes that raise pertinent questions on whether AlphaBay Market has a strong security system, or it will be taken down indefinitely and coins lost forever.

Nevertheless, some people are convinced that this dox claim isn’t new and was actually posted some months ago when the moderator was still active on the platform. Apparently, it was being done by a known spammer for as far back as last summer. Therefore, having a market owner doxed for close to a year is virtually impossible. Not unless it’s him trying to gain some relevance. But if not, then some users wonder whether the blackmailer receives tons of extortion requests he doesn’t really understand.

In response to this doxing claim, AlphaBay Market says they don’t know whether it’s factual or not but users should avoid panicking since the affected party is no longer active on the site. Nevertheless, if the dox is true then he probably left AlphaBay Market out of fear for his opsec issues which later on affected him. Moreover, since all postings were done in the open, the victim definitely had time to erase and encode his private information in readiness of a bust.

The chances are high that the claims are false since the former admin would have been arrested by now if indeed they were accurate. Likewise, there won’t be any evidence left by the time police catch up with him as they would have been deleted immediately his personal information appeared online. The administrator left AlphaBay Market several months ago, citing “change of heart” as the reason.

This entire doxing report may even be just an elaborate plan construed by a few individuals, considering how simplistic the “proofs” are. Nobody in their right senses can manage such a huge data leak attempt and leave behind clear evidence for the victim to see since he would likely delete them from trace.

AlphaBay-Drugs-e1440637620153 (1) assures traders that the new admins who took over in August 2015 are ahead of the game in terms of security. They are 100% sure that no clue online can trace back to them, recently revealing in a private group chat that the darknet market has NSA-proof security, and only an entire army can bring them down. Moreover, the site has a new policy where if the presiding admin does not appear online for a period of 48 hours, the account is automatically given to staff members so they can take over as temporary admin. This is to remove any evidence of a successful takedown.

AlphaBay Vendor Offers Unique Baked Goodies

An AlphaBay vendor who has been trading on the site for some time has recently announced the re-launch of a new line of edibles. These foodstuffs will be available on the deep web and mainly include baked goodies, laced with some favorite narcotics and psychedelics that customers like. The decision was born out of a need to create better-tasting edibles. Having toured many dispensaries in different places and tasted various baked goods, he/she was disappointed by their lack of quality and made it his/her point to create something that will make AlphaBay customers much more excited.

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weed-brownieThe recipe includes baked nutella shortbread cookies, raw cacao truffles mixed with either cannabis or psylocybin and other common treats like CannaBrownies prepared with a unique cosmic twist only for AlphaBay clients. Furthermore, prices have been lowered considerably to attract more people looking for tasty baked treats. Anyone can purchase them even those who only want to try out this delicacy for the first time; the AlphaBay vendor has applied every measure possible so that customers can always feel satisfied when spending money on these items.

Apart from being delicious, these foods are also healthy and affordable compared to other stores. Users will enjoy their favorite snacks mixed with cannabis strains, or any other narcotics they prefer. Lowered prices also mean that buyers have greater purchasing power and can acquire more for less, which is a huge advantage for those who are interested in making bulk purchases.

Other health stores only sell flat consumables not infused with the fun stuff, hence giving customers a mundane choice that they don’t prefer. But the AlphaBay vendor is taking things to another level by introducing ingredients that were unheard of in the past. There are very few people who sell such items on AlphaBay, better yet at the price, he/she is offering them. Therefore, customers should take advantage of this opportunity to buy all unique treats they have been thinking of at affordable rates.

how-to-weed-brownies-720x340Additionally, the different foodstuffs have been baked to professional standards meaning you won’t feel as if quality has depreciated compared to those which are bought from physical stores. The vendor strongly urges AlphaBay users to check them out, further guaranteeing their total satisfaction and money back warranty if necessary.

So far there’s been positive response from most AlphaBay users, with most wanting to try his/her products which are indeed turning out to be popular. They are promising to give it a try especially the psilocybin one, some have even admitted that just the thought of these treats can make their brains and belly rumble. Furthermore, the vendor says they have added a pinch of ginger inside their foods to aid in digestion; this also helps in easing assimilation of fungus. Some AlphaBay customers are even ordering their unique recipes, such as cookies with chocolate sprinkles in a six pack made with either flower or concentrates.

New Phishing Scam Aimed at AlphaBay Users

alpha-bay-market (2)An Alpha Bay Market user has raised concern about his inability to login into the site, the user’s password gets always rejected despite being correct. He was left confused on what was happening; first thinking that the site was down temporarily then later alluding maybe admin could be scamming some customers by altering their passwords and pin numbers.

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However, things were not always negative for him since before digital orders went through normally. As a novice on Alpha Bay Market, most deliveries were completed successfully though he still admits being a bit skeptical about physical delivery of goods. Nonetheless, he was happy receiving his deliveries even though others didn’t work.

As time went by, he started placing larger orders with more bitcoins but suddenly his password began failing for no good reason. The user tried to recover it using a verse and pin but still it showed error, so he was left with no other option but to contact Alpha Bay Market support for assistance. The user says he can readily verify the account if needed by providing the last password digits and pin, though hoping admin hasn’t changed them yet.

The users account contains information about every BTC deposits and addresses, wherewith every order placed and disputed can be checked for reference sake. The user has waited for the marketplace to reply and hopeful that they’ll do so soon. Otherwise, if there are any delays he may assume it’s a scam and people are advised to be alert. The user has also requested anyone with information on what’s happening to let him know.

According to the moderator, if his password and PIN have been changed then chances are high it could be a phishing scam. Alpha Bay Market does not ask account users for PIN when they log in. The user was asked whether he had enabled 2FA protection on his account, to which he answered no. Without two-factor authentication, online users are more susceptible to hacking and phishing; hence, people are advised to install it before opening accounts particularly on the dark web.

login_buttonDespite having all the necessary details, the user is still unable to login, and this is causing him anxiety since there are many pending orders. The moderator has asked if he has his recovery neumonic. There’s a slim possibility it can work in getting his account up and running again. Additionally, the support team will require neumonic so as to verify account details. According to the moderator, it seems like he was phished and advised to enable 2FA protection on new accounts he will create.

The moderator has logged into Alpha Bay Market, only to verify later that no announcements about downtime had been made on the forums; hence, increasing the likelihood that the user was indeed phished. He told the user that he hoped that he didn’t give off his login details.

The users issue has not yet been solved and each time he tries logging in, an “Authentication failed” message shows up. According to him, he welcomes any suggestions or solutions that may prove helpful.

Common Phishing Techniques And How To Avoid Them

anthem-breach-phishing-attack-cited-showcase_image-1-a-7895Many AlphaBay users have been phished before, losing money or having their BTC balance disappear without a trace.

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AlphaBay admits that such an experience can be agonizing, but there are certain ways scamming can be prevented to safeguard your money from fraudsters. Nevertheless, since phishing methods have evolved with time, the best defense against phishers remains to be the application of common sense. Some AlphaBay phishing techniques to watch out for include:

Credential stealer, or “locked out after depositing” scam

It’s the most common technique used by fraudsters today. A fellow member sends you unsolicited “dox information” links for approval. While such sites seem like AlphaBay at first sight, they are just proxy domains that can capture your login details, thus giving the phisher access to stored bitcoins. But if there’s no available balance the AlphaBay scammer will record your deposit address, monitoring it for future incoming coins. To prevent this from happening, only use official links and avoid clicking on random referral sites.

PIN stealer

Here, the victim is tricked into following an “exclusive” phishing link that requests for PIN information and mnemonics upon signing up. AlphaBay will never ask for your PIN details if this ever happens then be rest assured that it’s a phishing page. In such cases even changing your password won’t help, mainly because the AlphaBay phisher already has your mnemonic data. You can quickly identify this anomaly by checking for authorized withdrawals made to unrecognizable addresses. This trick can also be prevented by only using the official links. A majority of users have been complaining about this issue, but there’s no way a withdrawal can be approved without one first having a valid web session cookie and PIN. The only reasonable conclusion is that somebody else has your AlphaBay login details.

Special deposit address

what-is-a-phishing-scam-136394107163503901-141103122830In this phishing technique, a person is tricked into following a special phishing link where the scammer will then see your “deposits address,” before copy/pasting it into your bitcoin client page and sending the coins straight to their wallet. Phishers use a special link that fetches data from AlphaBay but then changes on-screen deposit address. The PGP proof of ownership will henceforth not show validity. Some links even show their access key on the contacts page, meaning that users will unknowingly validate the phisher’s address by employing the phisher’s key. This can be avoided by getting the real AlphaBay login key and using it to authenticate stuff.

Withdrawal changer

Though less common compared to the other phishing techniques mentioned here, it can still happen and you should be wary of the risks involved. This scam occurs when you have a computer malware or bitcoin stealer program that alters address information on your clipboard after copy/pasting an address. Some of the phishing links even change the user address after clicking Send, without requiring any form of malware.

Competition Among Darknet Markets Are Growing

Competition for new customers has reached an all-time high on the dark web, with each darknet market offering fresh incentives meant to attract more clients to their platform. An AlphaBay vendor is now offering 10% off on the first item bought by those who’ve just signed up, some dealers also claim that AlphaBay is better than others since transactions are more secure and anonymous. Customers are guaranteed exclusive access to the biggest selection of best drugs they can possibly get, be it weed, LSD, cocaine, MDMA or any other narcotic.

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Additionally, there are quick and easy signup links on Reddit for those interested in joining AlphaBay for the first time. People promoting their invite-links also claim they are legit so as to gain more trust from AlphaBay customers, further encouraging them to check through for confirmation on this matter.

Beware of dodgy links that lead to fake copies of AlphaBay (phishing sites) where they steal your bitcoin. Make sure to use the correct and safe link found on this site in the guide page or the AlphaBay URL page.

Sign up is absolutely free and subscribers also have access to a wide variety of products and services, AlphaBay currently boasts the largest marketplace inventory on darkweb making it a favorite amongst many users. It further allows traders to tumble their coins so as to reduce the chances of being detected. AlphaBay also recently released a new multi-signature tutorial for its users, aimed at preventing market scams and driving out traditional escrow systems which are not very efficient.

Despite the competition between different darknet markets, individual traders are also contesting amongst themselves by supplying referrals links which they hope users would click on and buy their products. The Nucleus Market subreddit forum is filled with these onion referral links, most of which are from AlphaBay sellers looking for Nucleus refugees.

Those promoting AlphaBay say that it’s too good to be true and people who haven’t signed up yet are really missing out on something special. They say AlphaBay is today what the Silk Road marketplace was in its heydays some years back, buyers are assured of hot deals on narcotics, credit cards and guns amongst other items. They are mostly saying these things because they make money for each customer they refer.

alphabayMoreover, some vendors are advertising their wares with free “sample give away” to attract even more people. A new dealer looking to build his reputation is offering 30mg. of adderalls sourced from d-amphetamines free of charge. Likewise, there are vendors currently promising next-day door delivery for any product bought from them.

AlphaBay is free to sign up and all you need is a referral link from someone who already has an account with them. Those who were previously trading on Nucleus say it would have been better if they discovered AlphaBay much earlier, before Nucleus pulled an exit scam on them. People are registering in numbers together with their friends, and most agree that AlphaBay is currently the best darknet market, owing to its high levels of security and anonymity. Additionally, some vendors are openly listing their prices on Reddit with one selling 7 grams of Purple Hush at 0.1564 BTC, and another 1gm. Premium MDMA at 0.0405 BTC with a limited time offer.

AlphaBay Market Is Back Open As Normal

darknet (4)

4Zt9DpdDk7W8DEj94_Dark-Net-Word-Cloud-v4-ForWinAfter a short absence from the darknet owing to security updates, AlphaBay Market is now up again for business on the darknet albeit with some new rules. Those registering have been cautioned that no password resets would be done, plus lost security codes will be unrecoverable, so it’s wise for users to jot down their passwords somewhere to avoid misplacement. Selling/sharing account information with others is also forbidden unless one is using the “Shared Access” command.

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-1x-1Additionally, after an order has been placed on AlphaBay Market, it cannot be canceled unless the buyer comes to a mutual agreement with their dealer. Despite the comeback, some users are still complaining that their orders are not going through despite sending bitcoins to the right addresses. Submitting ticket inquiries to admin also didn’t help as they received a reply “not an alphabay address.” Other AlphaBay Market users, however, advised such people always to double-check their address before sending bitcoins.

AlphaBay Market: Users’ Accounts Temporarily Locked

shutdownAlphaBay Market recently suffered a temporary shutdown due to security reasons; users who tried logging in during this period were immediately disconnected. This issue affected everybody doing business on AlphaBay Market, with some expressing total dismay that it had prevented them from purchasing certain items they required urgently.

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Following this technical glitch, some people were quick to suspect that it was another exit scam since they have been quite rampant on the darknet. With one Reddit user, in particular, saying that he had $130 in his AlphaBay Market account for making purchases, but all that was put into limbo after the shutdown has been announced. He was further disappointed that BTC value had increased by 27% by the time this was happening.

However, others urged for more patience saying it was too early to jump to conclusions since downtimes happen on almost every darknet site. People should not say it’s an exit scam at the first sign of a technicality since such claims are usually unfounded. After the disconnection has been announced, AlphaBay Market thanked users for their continued understanding as servers were being upgraded. They said logins would be enabled again within 24-hrs. duration after the downtime, but until then any attempts to sign in will be reversed by admin.

Nevertheless, users were also cautioned about a concentrated phishing attempt on online forums where hackers were giving out fake links to unsuspecting victims. Admin requested genuine account holders to report those who are sending out such referral pages so that they can be banned from AlphaBay Market completely. They also pointed that the hackers were saying members who fail to protect their accounts won’t be able to access the marketplace once it reopens again, so they would be better off sharing their login details with others online. This statement is not true and was only used by fraudsters to entice unsuspecting individuals. At first glance, the hackers seemed concerned about AlphaBay Market users’ welfare, but in truth, they were only interested in taking advantage of the situation. They could be identified by their broken English messages which were done intentionally rather than by error, for instance, one posted “Imshareing this” then went ahead to give fake promises to readers.

The AlphaBay Market moderator didn’t take this downtime lightly and went beyond his way to guarantee concerned users that it was just a temporary thing, he responded to queries genuinely giving people assurance that their money was safe. Furthermore, the updates were done at around midnight which is usually the time that most normal websites do their upgrades. But Nucleus refugees trading on this platform were still skeptical, saying that nothing is impossible considering what they recently went through at the hands of Nucleus. It’s not the first time that AlphaBay Market has experienced such downtimes; this also happened a few months ago, but the site came back to normal several hours later. Such interruptions affect both buyers and vendors alike, though the site usually comes out better than before after the upgrades are done.

Death Pill Disguised As Other Drugs

dangerous-diet-pillsReports indicate that fentanyl is being sold disguised as other drugs and this has resulted in a string of overdose cases in the U.S. Authorities have also observed that prescription drugs as well as opiates provided by illegal sources are all laced with fentanyl, which is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine.

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Reports also point out that fentanyl nasal sprays, U-47700 (a research opiate) and geltabs are available on the darknet market, Alpha Bay Market, in Pez candies form. However, someone called Trappy_Pandora, who manages the public relations for the Alpha Bay Market, said that thedarknet market does not entertain vendors who want to sell Xanax cut with fentanyl.

In November last year, a man who sold selling Xanax with traces of fentanyl was arrested in California after a couple of his clients died due to overdose. Last month, a woman in Maryland passed out after she took what she believed was Xanax that she had purchased from illegal sources. In April, Florida authorities identified shipments of fake Xanax pills that contained fentanyl. In fact, authorities have seized shipments containing professional-grade fentanyl pills across America. Cases of overdosing were reported from California after users took fentanyl believing it to be Norco, which is a less powerful prescription pain medication.

Though fentanyl is often sold, disguising it as something else for facilitating distribution, it is not clear as to why drug suppliers tend to mix fentanyl with Xanax, especially when the ingredients required to make Xanax are cheaper compared to those required for making fentanyl. According to Melvin Patterson, a spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration, fentanyl is a marketing tactic employed by sellers to quickly get new customers.

c7cbbcefa3510d350644e80c41e8017c (1)Trappy_Pandora of Alpha Bay Market reportedly wrote on a thread on Reddit that people die because of vendors passing fentanyl as something else other than fentanyl. He believes that fentanyl got into Xanax supplies either because of poor management of drug stashes or by accident. He added that allowing all of the customers is not an economically viable proposition. According to him, Alpha Bay Market does not offer any services to those who are selling Xanax that has fentanyl.

The drug prevention supervisor, Linda Auerback, is doubtful if counterfeit Xanax is an accident. According to her, some people participating in her outreach programs refer to it as the “killer pill.” They seek out these pills on purpose. On the other hand, some others get to use the pills purely by mistake.

Frequently, doctors prescribe Xanax with opiates to patients who struggle with pain and experience difficulty in sleeping. It is a known fact that recreational users purposely mix these two substances in order to experience a twist to the high they usually experience. Experts say that the mixture accelerates respiratory depression and can be deadly. Therefore, they are advocating establishment of drug checking facilities for opioid and pill suppliers and users, similar to those set up in the 1990s for verifying MDMA’s composition.

According to epidemiologist Michael Gilbert who specializes in harm reduction, the “death pill” is not the only product available on the market that confuses people. Additionally, he noted that the way in which people take opiates is also quickly changing.

AlphaBay Has Updated Its Privacy Policy

Alpha Bay ranks to be the most established and biggest darknet market operating on the Tor network today. While other darknet market admins were wreaking an exit scam, the booming dark web marketplace has exhibited a steady growth since late 2014. Since its launch, the Alpha Bay dark web marketplace has been one of the most reputable and well-maintained markets around, and doesn’t fall short either when it comes to updating its privacy policy.

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Alpha Bay is the first market to ever publish one, which clarifies its policies on data retention to all users- sellers or buyers, for added security in safely accessing and purchasing goods and services offer on the site.

Updated Alpha Bay Privacy Policy

The darknet market puts a strong emphasis on users’ security and implements the best possible measures to effectively mitigate risks linked to data leaks, server seizures, and infiltration of account.

Various sections have been detailed on Alpha Bay’s privacy Policy page as to how user’s information is kept, only to be eventually hard deleted and unrecoverable.

Note that Alpha Bay does not keep any trace of information that’s been deleted; neither do they keep records of user movement whereby all access logs show IP

User Accounts

User accounts are kept indefinitely and can’t be deleted. While deleting an account is not an option, it’s possible to edit your profile, including your password, and contact information. This would render previous versions unrecoverable since it would be overwritten in the Alpha Bay database, which holds no records of any profile or PIN edits.

Private Messages

Users’private messages sent by are kept indefinitely by default, but if both users leave their conversation or delete their copy, then the entire conversation will be hard deleted and impossible to recover, without any trace left and no analysis whatsoever that can prove it even existed.


Alpha Bay does not keep track of API calls, nor records or deleted keys, so there’s no way to find out if such request was made through the site or through API.


Whether they are read or not, notifications are set to be deleted after 14 days, while those sent over Jabber are kept only for 3 days.

Support Tickets

Message content are kept for 15 days, though the support ticket title, username and date are permanently retained.

Staff protection

Security concept: Closed Padlock on computer keyboard background

To access order notes or take charge over a dispute, staff members must have the approval of administration. This keeps a rogue staff member fromscrapingsale data and use it for malicious purposes.A staff member can read the order notes or take over a dispute after an administrator allows access to a staff member to a particular sale number.

Updates were also published for the, Autoshop Data, Sale & Order Data, Deposit and Withdrawal Information, Favorites/Blacklists, Feedback, Listings, and OTPs. The enhanced privacy and increased security levels and admin’s constant updates makes Alpha Bay distinctive among its competitors.


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