AlphaBay Coin Tumbler Guide

Tumbling, or mixing coins, adds an additional layer of security and privacy to your transactions; nobody is able to track the source of origin of your coins. And in case you haven’t heard already, AlphaBay has developed its own tumbling system, Alphabay Coin Tumbler. They claim it is the product of thorough examination and hard work of developers and for now at least – we choose to trust them.

The very first benefit of Alphabay Coin Tumbler is that it has a fixed fee of 0.001 BTC, while other bitcoin tumblers take 3% of each transaction.


The official announcement on the website says that:

“Alphabay can now safely be used as a coin tumbler! This means that no level of blockchain analysis can prove that your coins come from Alphabay since we use our own obfuscation technology. Making a deposit and withdrawing after is now a way to tumble your coins and break the link to the source of the funds. Since tumbling is not illegal, and since we leave no paper trail, you now have ironclad plausible deniability with your Bitcoins.”

What Does Alphabay Coin Tumbler Do?

It basically puts everybody’s coins into the pot, cuts them in pieces, mixes a little and then gives back the coins to their owners.

However, the mixer doesn’t give out the same coins you’ve put inside – although, it does give back the same amount of coins; it is origin of coins that is unknown and untraceable. That’s why it’s called a blender, or a mixer.

Alphabay Coin Tumbler really is the easiest way to tumble your coins

Let’s assume that you have some bitcoins in your AlphaBay account, and that you want to make a withdrawal. Previously, you would withdraw them to some of the tumbling services, such as BitBlender or Grams; only now you can mix/blend/tumble them directly on AlphaBay. AlphaBay has thousands of users and the more deposits and withdrawals, the better the tumbling.

Anyway, before you put your bitcoins in the mixer, you will need to have a bitcoin wallet. There are various services where you can make your bitcoin wallet.

Once you login to your bitcoin wallet, make sure that you make 1-5 different addresses for your wallet. When done, you will be ready for the next step.

1.Go to Balance.

1 (1)

2. Scroll down to Withdraw.

2 (1)


3. In the field BTC address(es) put at least 2 and maximum 5 addresses you wish to send your bitcoins           to.

Make sure that you enter each address in a new line.

Note that if you enter just one address, you will perform a regular withdrawal without previously tumbling your coins.

4. Insert the amount you wish to withdraw and enter your PIN.

5. Once you have entered your PIN, you should determine the desired delay. Leave the checkbox Send a single transaction… unchecked.

6. Click the Process Withdrawal button and your withdrawal will be randomly split between the addresses you entered and in a matter of minutes, your bitcoins will be sent to each of the addresses. Result? – Your bitcoins won’t be traced back to AlphaBay.

The process usually takes 15 minutes to complete, but some users have reported that the average time is 30 minutes.

7. Refresh your wallet occasionally and once the transfer is completed you’ll see your bitcoins safe and sound and untraceable!

However, there are some security issues with the process, pointed out by theadmin on AlphaBay discussion forum. Namely, in the thread announcing the Alphabay Coin Tumbler, theadmin explained:

“Note, for technical reasons, we keep records of withdrawal addresses for 8 days. High profile targets like staff members and big vendors should still use an additional tumbler for 100% security. The links are on the balance page, we recommend Grams and BitBlender.”

The process with BitBlender or Grams is more or less the same as with Alphabay Coin Tumbler. It will double your security, but will cost a bit more since these services take 3% of your withdrawal.

Here is how to tumble using regular coin tumblers

  1. Firstly, you need a BitBledner account. If you don’t have one, simply register an account. Pick a username that has no connection to any of your previous accounts, and make sure to store all your credentials in a safe place; you won’t be able to recover your coins should you forget or lose your credentials.
  2. Once you make your bitcoin account, you can add your PGP or 2FA to your BitBlender account to make the whole process of withdrawal even safer.

3 (1)



3. When you log in to your acc, you will have the option to deposit, and you can do this either                       from your wallet or from your AlphaBay account. Remember, Alphabay Coin Tumbler will mix                   your coins so even BitBlender won’t know where they’ve come from.

4.Just send your bitcoins from the address you see, or you can generate a new one.

4 (1)

The Great thing is that you can make multiple addresses, and enter all of them in Alphabay Coin Tumbler field.

5 (1)


5.The next step is to withdraw you bitcoins from AlphaBay to BitBlender, and once you receive them,       you can delete all the deposit addresses, and withdraw the coins to your wallet. One tip, for extra               security always make new withdrawals with new addresses.

6. Just like with Alphabay Coin Tumbler, you can add multiple addresses and delay transactions, so            they become untraceable. To delay your withdrawal, choose Automatic Withdrawal, and the                        BitBlender will send bitcoins four times a day to your personal wallet in random amounts.

6 (1)

And this is basically it!

There are several ways to extend the security, but we won’t cover this in detail here. For example, you can use one wallet for depositing your coins to AlphaBay and the other for withdrawals and you can even mix the coins between each transaction:

Wallet one –> BitBlender -> AlphaBay – BitBlender –> Wallet two

Upside – no one will be able to link your coins to AlphaBay. Downside – this will cost you some cash.

We hope this helps and we wish you happy tumbling!