AlphaBay Customer Arrested After Buying Explosives

Texas-based Cary Lee Ogborn was arrested for allegedly purchasing explosives from Alpha Bay with the intent to use them maliciously.

The 50-year old was the target of an FBI trap set in Alpha Bay after he unknowingly set up a buy with an OCE (Online Covert Employee) of the FBI.


The undercover agent posed as an Alpha Bay explosives dealer from a different country – a front that was used to perfection to lure in the unsuspecting Ogborn.

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Sheer Luck

Ogborn’s luck had seemingly run out as the first seller he had contacted on Alpha Bay turned out to be an FBI agent.

An incriminating conversation ensued between the two where Ogborn revealed that his reasons for buying the explosives were not malicious – he was only looking to send a message.

The undercover FBI agent had then tactfully probed Ogborn to reveal more information about the nature of his operation and Ogborn had been all too willing to go into the details with the purported Alpha Bay vendor.

He was seeking to buy a grenade and a stick of dynamite – the former to create a diversion and the latter to cause the damage. He intended to lure out his target by blowing up his truck before proceeding to blow up his house.

Sealed the Deal

Over the span of a fortnight, the two Alpha Bay users managed to strike a deal which involved a package that included a grenade, a stick of dynamite and a detonator.

Once the bitcoins had been transferred to the OCE posing as an Alpha Bay explosives seller, a dummy package was assembled and sent to Ogborn.

The package consisted of toy components fashioned to look like the real deal. A US postal service tracking number was slapped on the package.

The FBI then proceeded to unmask Ogborn (who went by the pseudonym “boatmanstv” on Alpha Bay) and soon discovered that he drove what had been described as a “dark-colored” Chevrolet Corvette. Ogborn also had a business registered under his name.

Ogborn was arrested on September 16, moments after retrieving and opening the package inside his boat garage.

Dark Web Still Thrives

It wasn’t long before the FBI obtained enough information to know exactly what Ogborn was driving

This was a clear indication that despite the crippling demise of Silk Road, dark web sites such as Alpha Bay still thrive in the sale of illegal items. Ogbon’s capture, however, was the result of shoddy opsec.

Ogborn was apparently too content with the anonymity offered by Tor. He made his biggest blunder when he submitted an Outlook email to the undercover FBI agent to facilitate communication outside of Alpha Bay.

Outlook is a Microsoft service and as such, is under policy required to comply with the authorities.

It wasn’t long before the FBI obtained enough information to know exactly what Ogborn was driving when he personally retrieved the package from the post office.

Ogborn’s sloppy antics went as far as May 2014 when he posted a clear picture of his then passport which he acquired in preparation for a trip to Belize.

Ogborn could face up to 10 years in prison

Following his imprisonment for the illegal possession of an AR-15 assault, the 50-year-old went on Facebook to express his joy at finally being free and being able to go back to what he did.

Ogborn could face up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $250,000 if convicted for the possession of explosive material.


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