Alphabay Darknet Market Features

Given the fact that darknet markets are known to be short-lived it is not odd that most of them are made to be quite simple from the technical side of things. Outside the basic features needed to conduct business online and those that provide increased security for users, very few markets opt for “enriching” their site with users’ convenience in mind.

This makes the fact that AlphaBay is implementing such features all the more interesting. This should not be considered as a bad thing, on the contrary many of these features hugely improve the stability of AlphaBay and reduce the percent of scams and failed transactions occurring. While this has made AlphaBay more technically complex and part of darknet community frowns upon it, it seems that people are starting to get used to such additions and are welcoming them at that.


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Alphabay Digital Contact
One of the more recent features added by the owners of AlphaBay Marketplace is what they call a “Digital Contract”. This feature works in the same way that its name suggests. Like the regular contract both parties in a transaction decide on forming it to cover some additional business matters. One of them then pays the $5 contract fee and is prompted to write out the contents of the contract. While there is no given draft for this, the administrators of AlphaBay Market advise that the contract is written in such a way that it covers all the necessary data and possible circumstances one can think of. This will ensure that in case of dispute arising, there will be sufficient data to reach a clear and unbiased verdict. These contracts will be made visible on user’s profile regardless of whether they have been completed successfully or not. This will enhance the already existing rating and feedback system that exists on AlphaBay and ensures the legitimacy of its vendors.

Alphabay Digital Contact
Another feature that was implemented on AlphaBay is the Auto Shop. This feature has seen use in selling stolen credit cards and hacked accounts. There is also the possibility of filtering your searches by Name, ZIP, Country, BIN, Seller, City or others making the relatively large list of entries easier to navigate. There are some negative rants on AlphaBay reddit however, mostly regarding scamming. It seems that Auto Shop has an unusually large amount of scammers and the fact that the feedback feature is not usable when using Auto Shop does not help the matter. There are several instances of scamming reported on AlphaBay reddit and a significant part of community seems to stay away from this feature to avoid the danger of unnecessarily loosing Bitcoin. Despite this, AlphaBay Marketplace has not lost credibility, as their main website and marketplace are still one of the most stable and secure places to do business on Darknet.

Aplhabay Autoshop
And with the new ScamWatch feature being implemented as you read this, there is hope in even more reliable service on AlphaBay. While this will not outright remove the possibility of users being scammed it seems like a step in the right direction when it comes to creating a somewhat trustworthy community on Darknet.

For those looking for safety when buying or selling on the darknet, AlphaBay Marketplace is starting to pull ahead as the true successor of the original Silk Road even though it has yet to improve a lot in the eyes of Darknet community. With its moderators working hard on improving the user experience, one would have a hard time believing that AlphaBay is in fact, a Darknet website.

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