Holiday Deals on AlphaBay Market

Amazing Holiday Deals on Alphabay
Amazing Holiday Deals on Alphabay

The holiday season has started on AlphaBay Market with most traders offering customers amazing deals for saving

on their money. One vendor, in particular, is offering buyers molly for $25 a gram before New Year’s Eve, including single grams for 30 bucks. Standard priority shipment is $7 for orders that are below $250.


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Despite this offer, others were providing even lower rates to attract more people such as 20 bucks an ounce. Still, some AlphaBay Market vendors are more lenient giving customers a one-time holiday deal of $5.9 a gram. Seemingly, this is one of the best molly prices currently available on the darknet market. Similarly, other AlphaBay Market dealers have released weekly threads showing all the offers they will be providing during this holiday period. Customers can also place in suggestions on the kind of deals they would want to see, including delivery options where possible.

Other products being sold on discount are Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Haze; furthermore, the darknet market trader is working hard to ensure that more strains are introduced into the market in time for the holiday season. Buyers can check the many positive reviews posted by other users on AlphaBay Market to determine the best offers that are available.

depositphotos_31861979-stock-illustration-holiday-deals-stampAccording to the vendor, for Blue Haze products, one can get an extra 7 grams of the strain by ordering an ounce or higher of the item. Customers are given a code to use in their PGP when placing an order to get this offer; the dealer is providing it to the first 30 individuals who will use this code.

Nevertheless, these offers are apparently limited only to the holiday season.

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