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Since it opened its gates to the Darknet community, AlphaBay was one of the most highly reputed and well-maintained markets around. With more than 120,000 listings it is not odd to find its growth exponential due to the range of products available for purchase. Make no mistake, Alphabay is the largest Darknet Market in the world, it is 4 times bigger than its closest competitor.

If you have tried previously unsuccessfully to get there or you are a new comer then you will be pleased as we are going to show you step-by-step how to get into AlphaBay Market.

Firstly, I will let you in on some of the common terms. The Deep Web is all of the internet that can not be indexed by search engines like Google. It can not be indexed if it cannot be reached via clickable links from the home page eg. behind a membership login. Some of this can be accessed by a normal browser like Chrome or Firefox but some can not, if it cant then it can usually it usually has a .onion URL which means it is on the TOR network.

Tor (The onion Router) is network of computers that encrypts its information in layers (hence onion). It does this by routing your internet traffic through different server locations (like in the movies) until you reach the site you are trying to access. This means that you get a new IP address every time you bounce off another server, this is great as your real IP address links your PC to your physical location. You can only access the Tor network on the Tor browser (covered later).

As a result of this , if anyone is tracking you and trying to monitor and trace you (unless it is while the FEDS are hijacking Tor network with the help of university’s as in 2015, or the FEDS have a new hacking tool as they used in 2016) then they will have no clue as to who you are or where you live. This gives you a good level of anonymity but we will cover some extra ways to encrypt your internet even further to make it virtually impossible to crack.

The Deep Web is massive! It dwarfs the clear web or the normal internet as you know it. Don’t think that all of the data on the Deep Web is bad in nature, it is quite the opposite. A lot of it is made up of regular data for normal websites and companies. There is however a smaller part of the Deep Web called the Darkweb. The Dark web is that really interesting part of the Deep Web that is made up of porn sites, fetish sites, forms, blogs and darknet markets (like AlphaBay) that are full of drugs, porn, weapons, counterfeit items, hacking goods and services, stolen data etc. and also there are some legal goods on there too.

The article shows you how to safely access and purchase legal goods and services on AlphaBay. This site doesn’t encourage any illegal activity what so ever. If you purchase or use illegal good such as drugs and weapons you run the risk of imprisonment with law enforcement as well as harm and even death.

Deep Web Software Tools.

1. You need Tor browser.

As you might have heard already, there is a free special browser and network called Tor. Tor browser allows you to surf the internet on the Tor network in relative safety by altering your IP address through a series of ‘nodes’. This same Tor also allows its users to connect to darknet markets which would otherwise be inaccessible to a regular user. You can only access the Deep Web and darknet markets with Tor. Do not mess with the setting when you install it, eg. don’t mess with the JavaScript (JS) block setting, this can cause you to unwittingly give up your real IP address.

Tor Browser official site for download:

Do not download the Tor browser bundle yet! The various different government agencies around the world led by the FEDS are monitoring people that download Tor. This means that your IP address (your physical location) will be logged and you will be now on a database. You can get around this problem easily by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). You need a VPN anyway so you should go and get a VPN before you get Tor. We cover the ins and outs of VPN’s below.



2. Tor is not completely secure.

A lot of people (mostly newbies) think that Tor is enough to cover your tracks and carry out your darkweb activities safely, this simply is not true. It is well know that the Tor network was hijacked by the FEDS in 2015 with the help of a University in the USA to catch users and admins on darknet markets. The feds can even “kidnap” the Tor nodes (servers) and then trace you real IP address and monitor who you are, where you live and what you are doing. Even as recently as 2016 LE (Law Enforcement) now have a new secret weapon in their hacking arsenal, the FBI used it to hack and catch the admin and users on the porn site “Play Pen”. Even though it is not a bad thing that people like that get busted, this case shows that they have the ability to get you if you only use Tor.

If you use a good VPN with Tor then you will add an extra layer of encryption to your data and also add another layer of anonymity to your location and identity. A VPN is just a software app that you can run with one click of the mouse that will run in the background on any computer or mobile device. I found this site that tests the best VPN’s for use with Tor, click here

This helps you by when connecting to the VPN it will assign you to use an IP address that thousands of other people are using at the same time. So even if Tor was compromised and they traced your IP address back then it would lead to the VPN IP address and there are thousands of other people sharing the same IP at the same time so they can not tell who is doing what. Furthermore, the VPN will also add another layer of encryption so if they decrypted the Tor data then they still can not decrypt the VPN data.

You also need to be aware that a lot of VPN services are shit, especially the free ones. They either don’t provide the level of privacy that you need (by logging your usage which defeats the purpose of a VPN) or they are so slow that they are useless.

What to look for in a VPN

  1. No Logs (no logging of your VPN usage)
  2. Compatible and tested with Tor
  3. Speed
  4. Bitcoin as optional payment
  5. Large selection of countries and servers to connect to
  6. Tier 1* VPN’s are preferable

*Tier 1 providers are those VPN companies that own and manage all of their own network including the hardware and servers used to operate the network. Providers that are not tier one providers just rent rack space from hosting companies and outsource management so they are actually not really in control of what is happening to their VPN servers.

A pretty good site I found that tests and reviews VPN’s:


Access AlphaBay Market

1. Close down everything on your computer, especially those that are accessing the internet like skype, google drive, drop box etc. These can leak your location. You can do all of this via your tray icon (if on a PC).


2. Turn your VPN on. Connect to a server location other than where you live. Don’t connect to the same location every time either, mix it up a bit.

3. Download Tor. Now open you normal browser and download Tor browser from step 1.


4. Open up Tor browser and then either copy the AlphaBay URL and paste it into the browser or just come here and click the link.
The official .onion link for AlphaBay URL is http://pwoah7foa6au2pul.onion/affiliate.php?ref=2t61P1985



5. Register. It is necessary to register your account before you are able to view the content of the site. The registration information is pretty straight forward. Pick your user name and your password, but make sure they are something you never used before and also something that does not include any information that can link your AlphaBay persona to you.


After that there is the six-digit PIN code which will be used to protect your Bitcoin wallet on AlphaBay.

6. Profile Information. Following that goes some optional personal information that will make communicating with other users of AlphaBay easier, but those are not necessary and should not be paid much attention to. DO NOT ENTER ANYTHING THAT CAN BE LINKED TO YOU. eg. don’t be a dick head and enter in the URL of one of your websites, don’t be a retard and enter in a profile that describes yourself. You are just making it easy for LE to link the account to you.


7. PGP Key. Lastly, there is the field for your public PGP key, this is optional at registration but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you enter this info before you do anything other than browse the site. This key will be used to encrypt messages that come and go from you so no one else can read them except who you want to read them. When you enter all of this information you will be redirected to AlphaBay Home Page. PGP instructions, if you don’t already know how to use it, are further down the guide.Alphabay-darknet-registration-page-PGP

Then Register



8. Your in! The listings on AlphaBay are in the form of a large list with the possibility of filtering out or searching for appropriate product. You can see the menu on the lower left side bar with all the different categories, your profile info on the left, how much bitcoin you have in your market wallet and your login on the top right, current market values for Bitcoin in the top menu bar etc.



Now you can browser around and check out all that Alphabay has to offer. The choice of goods is staggering, from unlimited accounts on paid porn sites, free unlimited Netflix accounts, credit card details, guides on growing weed, and not to mention the biggest selection of drugs anywhere online.

Extra Security and Anonymity Tips: The following recommendations are not so much for those just browsing around but if you frequent the deep web and buy stuff or do ANYTHING shady then you should pay attention. I may sound paranoid, but these little tricks may just save your ass.

  • Cover you webcam. You can do this with wither some non transparent tape or a t shirt or what ever. If you can unplug it then even better. Hackers and LE can activate these and record very easily. You can be recorded making deals or even blackmailed because they catch you having a wank.
  • Cover your Microphone, same as above. They can record anything and use it against you.
  • Stop having your cell phone in the room when you are doing or talking about anything shady. This can also all be recorded. Don’t even take it with you when doing anything shady as LE can then use GPS to either track and find you, intercept you and even log your movements to link you to crimes.
  • Use your VPN all of the time, on your mobile devices and your computers. The FEDS now track everything everyone does and they make profiles on people based on what websites you visit, what you search for, what you watch and what you listen to. This is all used to put you in a category to determine weather you should be under surveillance more. If you are at this website right now then you know you don’t want the FEDS to know shit about what you do on the internet and Darknet. I have a VPN router set up in my joint so I am always encrypted no matter what.
  • Use a password safe program to manage your usernames and passwords that is not online/cloud based. Cloud based ones can be infiltrated by governments easier. These programs will create passwords that are virtually uncrackable and then you will never make any passwords that are similar to the ones you already have. KeyPass is pretty good, and free. Just remember to not make your usernames ANYTHING LIKE what you already have or that can be linked to you.

Buying From AlphaBay

By now you have seen the awesome selection of goods available on AlphaBay. For the purposes of this guide I am going to show you how to buy something legal, say an ebook about hacking.

Finding The Goods.

1. Filter. You will want to select the appropriate category on the left “BROWSE CATEGORIES”, this will let you see more listing just like what you are looking for. So I am selecting “Guides & Tutorials” then “Hacking”. I can now see a selection of hacking goods and services.



2. Search. You can then (or instead of the category selection) do a more detailed search via the search bar on the left. I entered in the search term “hacking guide” and then you can set the filters to what ever suits you. If you are buying anything illegal and you live in certain countries with very good import control like Australia then you may want to think about only buying items from within your own country. It is also worth noting that if you are buying good that are to be shipped from countries associated with drug export then the packages will be under much more scrutiny, eg. if you buy from Columbia, Mexico, Peru, Pakistan etc then you better be careful.



3. Search Result. You will then get the results from the search. Then click in the result and take a look.



4. Read Product Listing. When looking to buy something from AlphaBay marketplace, it is important to always look for vendors with a great number of positive reviews and it is also good to research them further on forums or ask around on AlphaBay subreddit to confirm the quality of their service. Make sure to read through the description, check their “Trust Level” (1 being the lowest and 5 being the best), Check their vendor level (1 being the lowest and 5 being the best), You can see where the product is coming from and where they ship to etc.



5. Check Vendor. You want to give your vendor a good check over before you buy, you do this by clicking on their vendor name next to their profile picture, in this case “potayo200”. You then go to the vendor User Profile where you can see all of their sales, feed back etc. you can fins out a lot of info on this page and decide if this is a person you want to do business with. It is set up just like Amazon and eBay, you can check how much positive feed back they have, how good they are at sending packages with stealth, the quality of their product, value etc.



6. Check the competition out. As this is a free and open market you should go and check out other sellers so you can get the best deal. With all of the information gathered from checking out your options you decide on the vendor you want to buy from.

NOTE: When selecting a Vendor to buy goods from you should really always do it No-FE rather than FE (Finalize Early). If the transaction is FE then the vendor can receive the money for the goods before you receive the goods. Almost everyone that has ever been scammed by a vendor has had it happen this way. If you do a No-FE (meaning through escrow) means the funds go into a third party escrow where the funds are not released to the vendor until you have received the goods and released the money. If there is a dispute then you work it our with the vendor until resolved. You can get your money back this way if you don’t receive your goods.


Below are the instructions for making the purchase. I am assuming you already have your bitcoin in your personal wallet. If you don’t know how to get your bitcoin and bitcoin wallet etc. then make sure to keep reading until the bottom where the Bitcoin section is.


Making The Purchase.

1. Get Bitcoins. You need to go and choose a bitcoin wallet, download bitcoin wallet, buy bitcoins, send them to your personal wallet. This is a mini guide in itself and there is a really good guide at or I have also provided a quick overview of it at the end of the post.

2. Send Bitcoins. Send just a little bit more bitcoin from your personal account to your AlphaBay account wallet. You need to send a little more just to be certain as prices fluctuate a bit as the bitcoin price is pretty volatile. NEVER send bitcoin to your AlphaBay wallet when you don’t need it and don’t leave any bitcoin in there unused, just send it back to your personal account if you are not using it. If (or when) AlphaBay goes down, is seized or vanishes via an exit scam then your bitcoin in your AlphaBay wallet is gone, it has happened to so many people in other markets.

Navigate to your AlphaBay bitcoin wallet area by clicking on you r bitcoin balance in the top right of the screen. Then you will see here your own bitcoin address, this is the address you will copy and paste into your bitcoin wallet for the “Send to” address. If you have a bitcoin wallet on your smartphone then you can just take a photo of the “QR code” (the square with black squares in it), BUT i would not recommend using your phone. Make sure to do it on your computer with your VPN running.


3. Wait. The total time for the bitcoins to transfer from your computer to your AlphaBay wallet can vary from almost instant to around 1 hour. If there is a heavy load then it will take longer. Be patient. You will know when your bitcoin has arrived becasue your “Current Balance” in the top right will show your bitcoins have been deposited.


4. Buy. Once you have your bitcoins in your AlphaBay account then you go back to the listing page and select the postage method, quantity and click “Buy Now”.



6. Confirm. You need to confirm your purchase by checking all of the details and use your PGP encryption tool to encrypt your name and address for postage. DO NOT send this information if it is not encrypted! It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to encrypt any information and messages in general when doing business on Darknet markets.

Take note that if you are ordering internationally it may even take few weeks before your order arrives. Make sure that you check upon the auto-complete option from time to time and inform the vendor to prolong it in case your order takes longer time to arrive.

There are many techniques for trying to ensure a successful order. There is much speculation about weather or not to send it to your real address, using your real name etc. I am not a lawyer or a cop but be very careful if you are sending using a false name. They can get very suspicious of packages being delivered to addresses with different names.

If you encrypt your data correctly, there is not much need to worry about your identity being exposed; but if you receive the package on an empty lot and your signature does not match the name on the package you can be sure that you will have the authorities on your doors in no time. Also check your junk mail diligently – some vendors use this to increase stealth and you could accidentally throw out your order without realizing what you are doing.

Before trying any product that will be consumed that you ordered from a darknet market or anywhere else for that matter, it is advisable that you first test it. If you do not know how to do it yourself there are sites on the internet that have test results of products from many reputed vendors. While this is not 100% fool-proof, it is a good indicator of the quality of the product.

7. Finalize. After your product arrives safely and you made sure that the contents of the package are what you ordered, you should finalize the payment. Bear in mind that the vendor cannot take the money unless you allow him to and if the service or the product you received are satisfactory, do it as soon as possible. It is a good practice and it also boosts your reputation as a buyer if you finalize your payments promptly and leave feedback. In case something is wrong with your order you can raise a dispute, but always contact the vendor before doing so, since they will try their best to resolve the issue in most cases.

These Vendors live off their reputation so don’t go all postal on them for shit reasons like it didn’t arrive in a week. Make sure to allow enough time, always communicate with the vendor what is going on because they will usually always help you out. If they start getting bad reviews then they make less money.


If you think this guide helped then please share it around so others can use it to stay safe on AlphaBay.



PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is a process where it encrypts and decrypts messages. This is especially useful for the darknet markets so you can send messages to vendors with sensitive data, sych as your name and mailing address for a delivery, and then only you and the vendor can read the messages via decryption. DO NOT use online PGP programs as they are shit, simply they are not safe enough. The one that is tried and tested is GnuPG.


Download GnuPG:

There are tons of guide on how exactly to use GnuPG on the site and on YouTube.

Extra Precautions

A good piece of advise is to familiarize yourself with Tails. This is for the people that are VERY worried about anonymity and want to take every precaution there is. Tails is essentially a remote operating system which can be booted from a CD, USB or a flash card. As such, they will leave no traces of your activities on your computer’s hard drive. Another good thing about Tails is that it comes with a suite of useful tools that you will need in order to safely browse on AlphaBay marketplace. Before downloading and using Tails you should visit their site and learn about the ways in which it can protect you, as well as its limitations. If you decide to use Tails, as you probably should, you will have Tor browser included with the installation along with other useful software which I will talk about soon.Tails site:



If you have your Tails up and running you will find that there are tons of neat features and useful software included.

  • To begin with, you will get GnuPG, the encryption software you can use to encrypt your messages that you send on Darknet. Many vendors will straight up ignore your message if it is unencrypted as they will not want to risk getting exposed by an inexperienced buyer. So, make sure to send your mailing address and any other personal information encrypted as an extra precaution.
  • Another neat feature that you will be using and that comes with Tails is the Electrum Bitcoin wallet. For now, you should create one wallet which you will use to store your newly bought Bitcoin. It is a good practice to change your Bitcoin wallets frequently to prevent them from being linked to you.

The process of creating a wallet is simple and implies that you take special care about one thing in particular. That is the ‘seed’ for your wallet. Think of it as a passphrase of sort – ideally you want it to consist of multiple random words separated by a space. This will make it relatively hard to crack (almost impossible to brute force) and easy to remember.

Alternatively you can use any random string of characters as long as the passphrase is long enough and you can remember it. DO NOT store your passphrase or any private encryption keys on you computer. Either use a flash drive or something similar; or if you want to be extra cautious write it on a piece of paper and keep it safe.


Purchasing Bitcoin


There are several ways to go about this business and none of them is better than the other in a significant way. The only difference is the level of anonymity you can get from using one method over the other.

Get a Bitcoin Wallet like Blockchain: . This allows you to store, receive and send bitcoin to anywhere you like.

  • The first method is using a coin exchange service. These services allow you to exchange your actual money (USD, EU, etc.) to Bitcoin and vice-versa. The downside to this method is that you will need to provide personal information in order to use it, thus revealing your connection to the Bitcoin.
  • The second method for obtaining your Bitcoin is by using a service called ( Using this service one can find Bitcoin dealers locally and can arrange to meet with them in person and trade on the spot, camouflaging your connection with the Bitcoin you bought. After buying Bitcoin, you should arrange for them to be transferred to the Electrum wallet you previously created. BE WARNED: There are many reports of people being scammed buying bitcoins this way.
  • The next step is the subject of many arguments in the Darknet community and pertains to whether it is necessary to mix or tumble your Bitcoin before using them on a Darknet marketplace. To begin with, I will explain what tumbling your Bitcoin actually is and how it can protect your identity.

When using a tumbling service you are essentially adding your Bitcoin to the pile of Bitcoin already added by other users. After a set delay, you will be sent the same amount of Bitcoin minus the tumbling fee to a different wallet you designate as your output wallet. This completely erases the connection you have to the Bitcoin you bought, since the Bitcoin are now coming from a pile of some random, unknown user.

Since there are many tumbling services on Deep web, it might be hard to decide on the right one from the start. There are many scammers in this business only looking to take the fee before returning you the same exact Bitcoin you deposited in the first place. Luckily, you can easily check if you are being scammed by examining the Bitcoin blockchain info of your output wallet at https://blockchainbdgpzk.onion/taint/yourbitcoinaddress (replace ‘yourbitcoinaddress’ with an actual Bitcoin address from your output wallet). If you are unable to find your input wallet’s address on the list you have successfully tumbled your Bitcoin. The most reliable service currently and the one I recommend using is Grams Helix (http://grams7enufi7jmdl.onion/helix or ).


This pretty much covers the majority of what buyers need to worry about. There are numerous debates all over the internet as to what is necessary and what is just an added security for the extra paranoid. In the end, it all boils down to personal preference and how much one values their safety; as far as some are concerned even putting on a tinfoil hat is not overkill when dealing with the Big Brother.


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