AlphaBay Market: Users’ Accounts Temporarily Locked

shutdownAlphaBay Market recently suffered a temporary shutdown due to security reasons; users who tried logging in during this period were immediately disconnected. This issue affected everybody doing business on AlphaBay Market, with some expressing total dismay that it had prevented them from purchasing certain items they required urgently.

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Following this technical glitch, some people were quick to suspect that it was another exit scam since they have been quite rampant on the darknet. With one Reddit user, in particular, saying that he had $130 in his AlphaBay Market account for making purchases, but all that was put into limbo after the shutdown has been announced. He was further disappointed that BTC value had increased by 27% by the time this was happening.

However, others urged for more patience saying it was too early to jump to conclusions since downtimes happen on almost every darknet site. People should not say it’s an exit scam at the first sign of a technicality since such claims are usually unfounded. After the disconnection has been announced, AlphaBay Market thanked users for their continued understanding as servers were being upgraded. They said logins would be enabled again within 24-hrs. duration after the downtime, but until then any attempts to sign in will be reversed by admin.

Nevertheless, users were also cautioned about a concentrated phishing attempt on online forums where hackers were giving out fake links to unsuspecting victims. Admin requested genuine account holders to report those who are sending out such referral pages so that they can be banned from AlphaBay Market completely. They also pointed that the hackers were saying members who fail to protect their accounts won’t be able to access the marketplace once it reopens again, so they would be better off sharing their login details with others online. This statement is not true and was only used by fraudsters to entice unsuspecting individuals. At first glance, the hackers seemed concerned about AlphaBay Market users’ welfare, but in truth, they were only interested in taking advantage of the situation. They could be identified by their broken English messages which were done intentionally rather than by error, for instance, one posted “Imshareing this” then went ahead to give fake promises to readers.

The AlphaBay Market moderator didn’t take this downtime lightly and went beyond his way to guarantee concerned users that it was just a temporary thing, he responded to queries genuinely giving people assurance that their money was safe. Furthermore, the updates were done at around midnight which is usually the time that most normal websites do their upgrades. But Nucleus refugees trading on this platform were still skeptical, saying that nothing is impossible considering what they recently went through at the hands of Nucleus. It’s not the first time that AlphaBay Market has experienced such downtimes; this also happened a few months ago, but the site came back to normal several hours later. Such interruptions affect both buyers and vendors alike, though the site usually comes out better than before after the upgrades are done.

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