AlphaBay Market Users Complain About Potential Scammers

There are some potential scammers on AlphaBay Market posing as vendors to take advantage of unsuspecting users; one, in particular, was identified by a customer as buying drugs from other vendors then reselling them at around the same price.

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ScamThe US-based AlphaBay Market trader has been identified as a possible ‘selective scammer,” he promised a customer 2-day shipping on some tablets and actually delivered them on time with a few extra tabs on top.

Feeling happy with this order, the client decided to make another one, and that’s when the trouble started hitting him.

He paid this vendor about two weeks ago but has not received his package.

Feeling aggrieved, the AlphaBay Market buyer sent a message directly to him asking why the products have not yet arrived despite all payments being made.

This scammer responded by saying that he had sent it a day before receiving the text, but his statement is not true considering that the inquiry was made about a week ago, and still nothing has arrived.

Currently, the vendor is seen online frequently but avoids communicating with the person he scammed.

While the seller seemed legit at first sight, it was probably just a façade meant to hoodwink people into spending their money with him.

The buyer has lost hope of ever receiving his package and cautions others from using this same AlphaBay Market vendor again.

scammer-part2Following these revelations and a possible tainted image, the scammer sought to salvage himself by writing to the victim again.

Claiming that he recently checked tracking information and it showed that his package was about to arrive, further saying that all products had earlier been processed and made ready for shipping.

But there was a security concern soon afterward that forced them to cease operations temporarily, all for the safety of their customers which always comes first.

He also assured the customer that they don’t engage in scamming activities, though the client is still not satisfied by this explanation and feels as if his vendor lied, avoided communication and fell off the grid intentionally.

For these reasons, he should not be trusted by anyone buying stuff on AlphaBay Market.

However, this isn’t an isolated case as there have been reports of similar incidents on AlphaBay Market by other vendors.

One is accused of impersonating between 3-5 accounts and using them to conduct illegal business, while at the same time taunting the original owners.

Many users have become cautious with their money following these scamming claims, with some turning for advice to other users.

Concerned users replied by saying that the best way is by checking the vendors recent feedback status, this should give anyone an idea of what to expect upon doing business with a particular seller.

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