AlphaBay Marketplace Added New And Unique Features

With all the recent news circling the Darknet on exit-scams and market shutdowns it is a refreshing thing to see some of the markets not only managing to stay afloat, but actually releasing new features to help its users promote themselves better. It seems that AlphaBay has recently become a synonym for new features and while some users are not really happy with the market paying so much attention to “unneeded detail”, AlphaBay staff does not show signs of stopping their feature streak any time soon.

The two features that were released by AlphaBay Marketplace, as I previously mentioned, the goal of helping the users promote themselves in two ways. These are Sticky Listings and Sticky Topics. As the name suggests the first feature will be implemented directly to the market, while the second one will be usable on AlphaBay forum.


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AlphaBay – Sticky Listings

Alphabay Sticky Listing

The Sticky Listing feature will offer the option to highlight one of your listings for a limited time. If a vendor has some listing that he would particularly like to share with his customers or a new product enters his stock, they can make that listing “sticky” by going to their Listings page and clicking the Sticky button. After that they will be prompted to choose the time they want to make their listing sticky for. There are 3 possibilities for now and each of them has their own price depending on the amount of time wanted. The options are as follows: USD $120 for 7 days, USD $180 for 15 days or USD $300 for 30 days. After making their listing sticky, it will show among the top search results for the given category, thus making it more visible to potential buyers.

AlphaBay – Sticky Topics


The second feature is Sticky Topics. What they do is very similar with the exception that the first feature is made for the market and the second will be active on forums. After paying the fee (USD $150 for 30 days, USD $300 for 60 days or USD $450 for 90 days) the forum topic of your choice will be market as sticky and will appear in the top of the forum section where it is located. It is important to note that Sticky Topics are as of now only available for Listings Review section of the forum as to prevent the abuse of the feature.

The two new features have run into mixed feelings from the users of AlphaBay Marketplace, which is evident from the recent post on their subreddit and other forums. There are some users who believe that giving the ability to list low-quality products or vendors above the reputable ones for a fee is contradictory to the feedback system that was set up earlier and has shown good results. The other side of debate welcomes these AlphaBay features as a unique way to advertise if used correctly and could increase profits to some vendors.

Despite the split judgment of the AlphaBay users regarding the recent features, it seems that the market staff has no plans to stop rolling out improvements to the site, both aesthetic and practical.

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