Danish Personal Information For Sale On AlphaBay

Alpha Bay

Alpha Bay is the largest underground marketplace on the dark web. Alpha Bay is a darknet market that offers various legal and illegal goods. Here, users can buy drugs, electronics, counterfeits, and stolen credit card data among others.


Danish Personal Information
Alpha Bay has a massive abundance of Danish personal Information to sell on it. According to sources, complete packages of Danish information is being sold on Alpha Bay, including address, date of birth, telephone number, control codes, credit card numbers, email addresses and passwords. This personal information is purchased online for as little as only 75 Kroner. According to a 2015 survey, 34,000 Danes were the unfortunate victims of identification theft while 75, 000 Danes had reported credit card misuse issues.

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Recent trends in the underground illegal markets

Recently, a news survey reported, that the underground hacking markets are undergoing some noteworthy trends. One of these trends was the growing number of dealings in personal data. Nowadays criminal crews have started to offer all such documentation for a particulars price, which is used for highly sophisticated frauds and identity theft. Amongst these documents, passports, social security numbers and drivers’ licenses were also included. The process is a complicated one, first the hacker procures the documents, and then the criminal crews purchase these documents from them at a price. Surveys have shown, that nowadays, the markets are largely booming with fake counterfeit documents like passports, fully-fledged identity kits, social security cards, and utility bills. It is very much apparent that the hackers underground have started to take advantage and monetize on each item of personal data that they can too also find to carry out frauds online and in person frauds as well.

The immense value of personal details

stolen data

Credit cards: While searching for stolen credit card information, one can find two different kinds of offers. One of the offers is for dumps and the other one is for the CVV of the credit card. A CVV is the card verification value. It is a record of the name, card number, expiration date and the address of the cardholder on it. While a dump, is the information that is taken out from the magnetic strip at the back. It is to clone an original credit card by copying all the raw information to another magnetic strip. The difference between the dump and the CVV is that one can use a CVV in an online store, while user can use a dump in case of real physical transactions. The prices of CVVs and dumps are dependent on a number of factors. These are the type of card, the country, the expiration, and others. A dump is more expensive than a CVV.

PayPal accounts and bank logins: PayPal accounts are especially popular amongst the criminal crews. This is because a PayPal account is effectively used during the cash out process. Prices of PayPal accounts differ, according to the age of the owner, the account balance, and the country. Through phishing campaigns and through infectious malware, secure information is phished out of the victim’s computer. The prices are dependent upon the bank balance, the insurance of the account as well as the validity.

Online Accounts credentials: These are another type of information sold on darknet markets such as Alpha Bay. The account credentials related to Facebook, Apple, eBay, Twitter, Amazon and Instagram accounts are very high in terms of demand. An online account is utilized for two purposes, the first one is the cash out process, and the second is the sophisticated scamming schemes.

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