IcyEagle Gets Four Years in Jail for Selling Stolen Info on AlphaBay

Aaron Glende, using the pseudonym “IcyEagle” was found guilty of selling hacked personal information on Alpha Bay Market.
Aaron Glende, using the pseudonym “IcyEagle” was found guilty of selling hacked personal information on Alpha Bay Market.

Aaron James Glende, 35, was charged and brought before the United States District Court in Atlanta for selling personal credential information, including stolen bank account login details. Aaron used a pseudonym “IcyEagle” to conduct his illicit activities on Alpha Bay Market.

It is revealed that IcyEagle began marketing his criminal services on the Alpha Bay Market from November 2015 to May 2016.


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Alpha Bay Market is a darknet market built with features that made it easy for buyers with intentions to procure criminal services.

The listings on the darknet market even had categories such as fraud, drugs, counterfeit items, etc. Users could, however, make payments using digital cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

The Alpha Bay Market vendor known as IcyEagle was said to have sold a lot of customers’ information of various companies, including banks.

However, the most popular dealings were the transactions IcyEagle made with regards to information belonging to SunTrust Bank clients.

Hacked SunTrust Bank Account login for sale on AlphaBay
Hacked SunTrust Bank Account login for sale on AlphaBay

The FBI revealed the criminal activities of IcyEagle on Alpha Bay Market.

In the months of March and April this year, on totally different dates, an undercover agent accessed the Alpha Bay Market and made the purchase of SunTrust Bank account information from the vendor, IcyEagle, using bitcoin.

The undercover FBI agent revealed that the information he obtained from IcyEagle actually contained active email addresses, bank account numbers, telephone numbers, usernames, and passwords of at least five different customers of SunTrust Bank.

As a matter of fact, IcyEagle priced and categorized the SunTrust Bank account credentials depending on the amount of money in the bank accounts.

For instance, bank balances that fell in the range of $250,000-$500,000 cost for $229.99, while low-balance bank accounts were sold for $9.99, for balances of about $100-$500.

In addition to that, IcyEagle made life easier for his customers by selling them a 6-page tutorial on how to withdraw the money out of the SunTrust Bank accounts.

The tutorial IcyEagle sold to his Alpha Bay clients consist of sections on background checks, routing numbers, bitcoins, and other tips.

There were several other listings posted on Alpha Bay Market by IcyEagle that were not related to the SunTrust Bank. He also sold hacked Amazon gift balances.

IcyEagle sold hacked Amazon gift balances for around one-tenth of the total balance.
IcyEagle sold hacked Amazon gift balances for around one-tenth of the total balance.

Other accounts for sale include email logins, customer reward program logins, dating site logins, and logins for different financial services among others.

Coincidentally, almost at the same time of his arrest, the police were also given a heads up about IcyEagle’s involvement in trafficking narcotic substances. This was a tip from the US Postal Inspectors to the local police.

The police raided IcyEagle’s home in Minnesota and actually found a variety of drugs at the Alpha Bay vendor’s place.

It was after this drug-related arrest that the Federal Bureau of Investigations began tracking his activities on the darknet market.

In a recent press release, the Special Agent in Charge of FBI Atlanta, J. Britt Johnson, commented on the issue and noted that the FBI department is fully aware that cyber crime and cyber criminals like Aaron Glende, also known as IcyEagle, were becoming a persistent increasing problem for American citizens.

Agent Johnson, however, assured the public that the IcyEagle investigation and his arrest was a clear indication that the FBI was working closely with other law enforcement agencies, will track, identify and arrest these cybercriminals regardless of how deep in the digital underground they reside.

In conclusion, Aaron James Glende was found guilty of having used the Alpha Bay darknet market to source for clients and sell information containing different personal credentials of innocent people.

The court sentenced Aaron James Glende, alias, “IcyEagle” to four years and two months in prison.

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