Are Prescription Meds Cheaper on AlphaBay Market

Some people are realizing that it’s cheaper to purchase prescription drugs on Alpha Bay Market than from physical stores.

It’s now cheaper to buy prescription drugs on Alpha Bay Market than from over the counter.

According to some users on the darknet platform, most general practitioners and hospital medics reduce the quantity of items prescribed in order to make their own profits.

For instance, if a patient requires pills to last for about 10 days they instead get treatment for 2-3 days. This is so that the patient can continue buying items from them continuously.

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Additionally, hospital consultants are claiming that they can’t afford to give a prescription for certain medicines such as codeine, saying it’s a stretch on their resources, and people should, therefore, get medicine pills from general practitioners.

Something that can be very expensive compared to buying the same items on Alpha Bay Market.

Another example is practitioners reducing down on diazepam dosage; medics may recommend 2 mg.

tablets after every 3 days to a week then again pay another £8.50 the following week, hiking prices of small quantities of diazepam to rates of up to £34 a month for products like 80 mg. of diazepam.

However, on Alpha Bay Market 160 mg. of the same drug can be obtained for only £14.

The situation gets even grimmer for those with rare conditions like certain types of cancer.

NHS has openly refused to subsidize the price of drugs used to manage these conditions. Buying them privately from clinics is way more costly than most people can afford.

People are warning industry regulators that this kind of manipulation on the price of prescriptions will only make them seek these products on darknet markets such as Alpha Bay Market.

There are many honest vendors on these platforms who understand the importance of providing affordable medication at decent rates, they don’t scam people and are very reliable as well.

For some medicines like Ibuprofen, Zantac and paracetamol doctors don’t even bother prescribing them to patients since these are cheap and not profitable to them.

For some medicines like Ibuprofen, Zantac and paracetamol doctors don’t even bother prescribing them to patients since these are cheap and not profitable to them.

One of these drugs can cost only 25 pence a pack. Moreover, they know that if they make Omeprazole available for sale without prescription, then that could save people lots of money.

But the medics won’t do that since they’re cashing in big by charging patients up to 8 quid for x28 tablets.

Some people believe that NHS is manipulating the prices so as to trick patients into spending more money on them than they usually ought to.

In some cases, drug prices have been pushed up by even 2000% more than what’s found on Alpha Bay Market.

The NHS failure to regulate drug rates and lack of proper funding affects the most vulnerable members of society, some of who have been making contributions to state medical plans their entire lives.

While in most countries you can buy Prilosec from over-the-counter, in others a medical prescription would be needed first before getting this drug.

Through NHS you can receive only X28 tablets of this drug at £8.50, whereas buying it online, you can get x350 pills for just £10.00.

Hackers Selling Access To a Huge IoT Botnet

Although it seems like it is a relatively new aspect of information technology, The Internet of Things (IoT) has been around in for many years now, albeit it’s under different names.

As the ability to connect and remotely manage a number of networked automated devices through the internet becomes more pervasive, key security issues about IoT are becoming more apparent.

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Hackers are advertising access to hacked IoT devices that could be used to take down websites.
Hackers are advertising access to hacked IoT devices that could be used to take down websites.

Recent events in the span of one week have once again put the security concerns of IoT devices on the spotlight.

According to a report documented by Forbes, black hat underground hackers are currently selling a large number of hacked IoT devices through the Alpha Bay Market.

These IoT devices are similar to the ones used for the Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS), this is the attack carried out on Friday 21st October that brought down sizeable parts of the internet.

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of IoT devices were compromised by a malware called Mirai which was subsequently recruited into the botnet.

This malware scans the internet for IoT devices such as security cameras, routers, and DVRs with factory-default security measures then it will be use to unleash junk traffic on a targeted online service.

Its source code was released by its creators near the end of September.

This means that it is currently possible for nearly anyone with coding skills to orchestrate a similar attack.

Black hat underground hackers are currently selling a large number of hacked IoT devices through the Alpha Bay Market. || Screenshot from the forum where hackers are selling the botnet

This botnet being sold on Alpha Bay Market was effectively employed to target the Dyn domain name service (DNS).

The hacked devices sent requests to the Dyn DNS service that would essentially cause key websites including Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, GitHub, and PayPal to be unavailable to a large majority of internet users in the US.

Many of the IoT devices that were part of Friday’s attack were DVRs and cameras that;s being manufactured by Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology, a Chinese electronics company.

The fact that the hackers are openly selling this IoT botnet through the Alpha Bay Market, this should definitely be a cause of worry.

Security firm RSA first got wind of the sale of the IoT botnet in early October.

F-Secure would later confirm that the underground platform being used to advertise the botnet was the dark web Alpha Bay Market on the Tor network.

While DDoS attacks have been the pain point for the internet since its inception, the direction that recent attacks are taking is concerning.

The IoT botnet being advertised on Alpha Bay Market is said to be capable of generating 1tbps of traffic.

For comparison purposes, the recently record worst DDoS attack generated a little over 1 tbps of traffic.

That attack was carried out earlier this month on OVH, a French hosting service provider.

According to the aforementioned Forbes report, 50,000 bots are going for $4,600 while 100,000 bots are $ 7,500.

The seller’s post was located in the Alpha Bay Market and it revealed that the botnet was created using the Mirai Malware.

Since IoT devices are available in bulk.

There remains the possibility of more botnets being created in the near future.

Whatever the case maybe, this is bound to revamp the debate on the proper implementation of internet security.

As it has currently been pointed out that security regarding IoT devices can be improved by both the IoT device manufacturers and the end users.

Security Firm, Flashpoint stated that one of the problems with many IoT devices is vulnerability via the Telnet and SSH communication services.

These are command line interface is based on text that enable remote connection to the device.

On the other hand it can be accessed through command prompt that enables attackers to determine usernames and passwords.

According to Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology, this feature was turned off in September 2015.

The IoT devices breach was still possible in part due to end users still running the firmware developed before the company released the patches to prevent such attacks.

This is something that black hat hackers who operates on dark net platforms including Alpha Bay Market are well aware of.

An internet scan was conducted on October 6th which reveals that a large number of IoT devices were still running under the vulnerable firmware.

The websites that were affected by last Friday’s DDoS attack could have been avoided had they implemented more internet security measures.

Although they can be difficult to mitigate, enlisting the services of secondary back DNS providers could have made it difficult for the Alpha Bay Market hackers.

Until an industry security association is formulated and the proper standards on the security of IoT devices are widely adopted, they still remain dangerous considering that it’s still on sale, and it could be sold to anyone in the Alpha Bay Market.

PilotFish Source Codes Available for Sale on AlphaBay Market

PilotFish Technology develops legacy standards, systems and technology software.

It includes middleware to integrate disparate systems and offers healthcare solutions with HL7 features. It gathers patient data and manages operations with smart medical devices.

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Hacker puts source code of HL7 software vendor PilotFish up for sale on alphabaymarket.

On August 9th, security firm InfoArmor identified a hacker known as “batwhatman” who claimed to have PilotFish Technology source codes.

The hacker has claimed to have PilotFish Technology products’ source codes and being offered for sale on the Alpha Bay Market.

Alpha Bay Market

Alpha Bay Market is an online black market on the Tor network which cybercriminals used for transacting illicit products and services such as stolen data.

The darknet site was launched in 2014 and saw a steady growth in the first few weeks of operation. Alpha Bay Market is currently one of the largest darknet markets.

Risks of the Attack

The hacker is believed to have compromised an SVN server and stolen various application codes in JAVA language. Some of the source codes filenames and listings point to business applications designed by PilotFish Technology.

These include strings such as “pieadmin,” “EIPExecutor,” and “eip-server.”

The hack causes more threat to the organization as hackers also got PilotFish employees’ usernames which were associated with various compilation instructions besides the source codes.

According to Andrew Komarov, chief intelligence officer for InfoArmor, based on the hackers comments it seems the source codes are all from PilotFish’s products including more than 10,000 files.

A hacker named ‘batwhatman’ is selling the source codes for all PilotFish Technology.

Batwhatman also claimed to have accessed the database and licensing system of customers with the aim of stealing clients’ information and records.

The customers’ database contains information which includes customer’s credentials which may be at risk of targeted phishing attacks in future.

The database contains information from more than 1700 companies in the US, China, Australia, Canada, and EU.

In July, the cybercriminal “TheDarkOverLoad” claimed to have compromised a software vendor’s data.

However, the victim was not named, speculating that the stolen source codes were related to EMR/HER systems.

TheDarkOverLoad, is known as a previous member of Hell Community and The Real Deal Marketplace which allows cybercriminals to transact commercially and sell various compromised data.

The hacker had attempted to extort PilotFish through a Twitter account that has consequently been deleted.

In 2013, the size of the global healthcare IT markets was valued at $41.2 billion. As the need for modern systems and technology increases, the growth will increase the risk of cyber-attacks by cybercriminals who will keep finding ways to exploit the growth for their gain.

The purpose of InfoArmor is to notify all healthcare organizations to raise vital security concerns regarding the potential attacks associated with third party providers being targeted by cybercriminals.

Whether the result is stolen PII/PHI, ransomware, targeted spear phishing attacks or any other kind of exploitation, the consequences can have a drastic impact to any organization.

New Phishing Scam Aimed at AlphaBay Users

alpha-bay-market (2)An Alpha Bay Market user has raised concern about his inability to login into the site, the user’s password gets always rejected despite being correct. He was left confused on what was happening; first thinking that the site was down temporarily then later alluding maybe admin could be scamming some customers by altering their passwords and pin numbers.

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However, things were not always negative for him since before digital orders went through normally. As a novice on Alpha Bay Market, most deliveries were completed successfully though he still admits being a bit skeptical about physical delivery of goods. Nonetheless, he was happy receiving his deliveries even though others didn’t work.

As time went by, he started placing larger orders with more bitcoins but suddenly his password began failing for no good reason. The user tried to recover it using a verse and pin but still it showed error, so he was left with no other option but to contact Alpha Bay Market support for assistance. The user says he can readily verify the account if needed by providing the last password digits and pin, though hoping admin hasn’t changed them yet.

The users account contains information about every BTC deposits and addresses, wherewith every order placed and disputed can be checked for reference sake. The user has waited for the marketplace to reply and hopeful that they’ll do so soon. Otherwise, if there are any delays he may assume it’s a scam and people are advised to be alert. The user has also requested anyone with information on what’s happening to let him know.

According to the moderator, if his password and PIN have been changed then chances are high it could be a phishing scam. Alpha Bay Market does not ask account users for PIN when they log in. The user was asked whether he had enabled 2FA protection on his account, to which he answered no. Without two-factor authentication, online users are more susceptible to hacking and phishing; hence, people are advised to install it before opening accounts particularly on the dark web.

login_buttonDespite having all the necessary details, the user is still unable to login, and this is causing him anxiety since there are many pending orders. The moderator has asked if he has his recovery neumonic. There’s a slim possibility it can work in getting his account up and running again. Additionally, the support team will require neumonic so as to verify account details. According to the moderator, it seems like he was phished and advised to enable 2FA protection on new accounts he will create.

The moderator has logged into Alpha Bay Market, only to verify later that no announcements about downtime had been made on the forums; hence, increasing the likelihood that the user was indeed phished. He told the user that he hoped that he didn’t give off his login details.

The users issue has not yet been solved and each time he tries logging in, an “Authentication failed” message shows up. According to him, he welcomes any suggestions or solutions that may prove helpful.

Death Pill Disguised As Other Drugs

dangerous-diet-pillsReports indicate that fentanyl is being sold disguised as other drugs and this has resulted in a string of overdose cases in the U.S. Authorities have also observed that prescription drugs as well as opiates provided by illegal sources are all laced with fentanyl, which is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine.

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Reports also point out that fentanyl nasal sprays, U-47700 (a research opiate) and geltabs are available on the darknet market, Alpha Bay Market, in Pez candies form. However, someone called Trappy_Pandora, who manages the public relations for the Alpha Bay Market, said that thedarknet market does not entertain vendors who want to sell Xanax cut with fentanyl.

In November last year, a man who sold selling Xanax with traces of fentanyl was arrested in California after a couple of his clients died due to overdose. Last month, a woman in Maryland passed out after she took what she believed was Xanax that she had purchased from illegal sources. In April, Florida authorities identified shipments of fake Xanax pills that contained fentanyl. In fact, authorities have seized shipments containing professional-grade fentanyl pills across America. Cases of overdosing were reported from California after users took fentanyl believing it to be Norco, which is a less powerful prescription pain medication.

Though fentanyl is often sold, disguising it as something else for facilitating distribution, it is not clear as to why drug suppliers tend to mix fentanyl with Xanax, especially when the ingredients required to make Xanax are cheaper compared to those required for making fentanyl. According to Melvin Patterson, a spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration, fentanyl is a marketing tactic employed by sellers to quickly get new customers.

c7cbbcefa3510d350644e80c41e8017c (1)Trappy_Pandora of Alpha Bay Market reportedly wrote on a thread on Reddit that people die because of vendors passing fentanyl as something else other than fentanyl. He believes that fentanyl got into Xanax supplies either because of poor management of drug stashes or by accident. He added that allowing all of the customers is not an economically viable proposition. According to him, Alpha Bay Market does not offer any services to those who are selling Xanax that has fentanyl.

The drug prevention supervisor, Linda Auerback, is doubtful if counterfeit Xanax is an accident. According to her, some people participating in her outreach programs refer to it as the “killer pill.” They seek out these pills on purpose. On the other hand, some others get to use the pills purely by mistake.

Frequently, doctors prescribe Xanax with opiates to patients who struggle with pain and experience difficulty in sleeping. It is a known fact that recreational users purposely mix these two substances in order to experience a twist to the high they usually experience. Experts say that the mixture accelerates respiratory depression and can be deadly. Therefore, they are advocating establishment of drug checking facilities for opioid and pill suppliers and users, similar to those set up in the 1990s for verifying MDMA’s composition.

According to epidemiologist Michael Gilbert who specializes in harm reduction, the “death pill” is not the only product available on the market that confuses people. Additionally, he noted that the way in which people take opiates is also quickly changing.

AlphaBay “Shansa” Busted On Drug Sales

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cocaine1-300x200The Bundeskriminalamt apprehended a Viennese man (he has not been named by authorities till now) on October 13, 2015, according to reports. The reports also indicate that the authorities seized illegal substances including 1 kg. of ecstasy, 2.8 kg. of amphetamines, LSD blotters, cocaine and a number of research drugs from the house of the 31-year-old Alpha Bay Market vendor. Additionally, the police found illegal guides on his computer and a tableting machine, which, according to them, could be made use of in the production of speed pills and ecstasy. In the dark web, this vendor was widely known by the name Shansa.

The authorities found out that Shansa, the Alpha Bay vendor, carried out as many as 182 drug sales transactions internationally. He sold illegal substances not only in Europe and the United States, but also in Australia and even in India. According to authorities, he also executed 73 domestic illegal substance sale transactions with the buyers from Austria. In a period of just about five months, the darknet market vendor was able to make as much as 15,000 Euro through the sale of illegal substances, according to a report published by the law enforcement authorities.

Alpha Bay Market

Last year, Alpha Bay Market had reported that the number of users on their website had hit the 200,000 mark. The admin of the darknet marketplace had conveyed this news through a post published on the forums. The admin had also thanked the users, on behalf of all of the site’sstaff, the users for their continued support, faith and effort in shaping up their website up as a top-grade online black market.

The site experienced tremendous growth and became one of the biggest darknet black market operators after Agora was closed down in 2015. Alpha Bay introduced several updates to their website and added a range of functionalities in order to maintain their status in the dark web. And through ScamWatch, Alpha Bay was able to stop most of the vendor exit scams, ban many scammers and also offer help to victims by processing their refund requests using the balance funds available in the accounts of banned vendors.
alpha-bay-market-1Alpha Bay experienced a DDoS attack in December last year and as part of their mitigation effort they introduced additional changes, including UI upgrade and, most importantly, the PGP-signed deposit address upgrade, which is meant to handle the dreaded onion cloner phishing scams. They also advised users that they verify the PGP signatures of their deposit addresses against the market PGP key available on the website’s “Contact” page.

In February 2016, Alpha Bay introduced several improvements to their wallets and withdrawal systems with a view to enhance the anonymity of the users of their marketplace. This was followed with the introduction of two-factor authentication (2FA) in March 2016 in order to ensure more security to user accounts. 2FA requires login attempts to be cleared by a user by providing another piece of information, for example, a code sent to their mobile number. This enables Alpha Bay to segregate genuine and not-so-genuine logins attempts.

Alpha Bay Market, which came into existence after the closure of Silk Road 2.0, is an online black market that operates on the Tor network. Launched towards the end of 2014, the website experienced a great deal of patronage within a short span of time. In about a years’ time, Alpha Bay Market became the biggest online black market.

On Alpha Bay Market, the category that experiences maximum sales is drugs. The website has tens of thousands of drug listings, including cocaine, marijuana and MMDA, among others. Watches (counterfeit or stolen), guns, and stolen credit card information are also sold on the site.

All said and done, Alpha Bay Market is one among the few online black markets that offer multiple security measures like Multisig transactions (2/3), 2FA, Withdrawal PIN, Forced vendor PGP and vendor bond. In addition, the website rates vendors on the basis of customer reviews so as to prevent scamming vendors as much as possible.

US Reportedly Investigating Uber Data Breach

Uber have found themselves in a bit of hot water recently. Putting aside the numerous court cases that Uber finds themselves facing around the world, the company now is apparently involved in a US Department of Justice investigation regarding their systems data breach back in May of 2014.

Along with a series of hacked passenger accounts appearing on the dark web Alpha Bay Market, it is debatable whether drivers’ and passengers data is really secure.

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Do You Uber?

Uber are the tech-startup turned global taxi-industry killer. The launch in 2009 of an app to connect drivers with riders quickly turned the company into one of the most well know tech businesses in the world. Drivers are not company employees, and Uber merely facilitates a taxi experience through their GPS app.

uber taxi

What is the Alpha Bay Market?

One of the dark web’s foremost marketplaces, the Alpha Bay Market rose from the ashes of the Evolution market in late 2014. Currently, estimates place the AlphaBay as the largest online market of its kind.

Only accessible via the Tor browser, AlphaBay offers both buyers and sellers anonymity, making it a place where shady dealings can go down. The Alpha Bay Market is well known in the underground community, and offers users various items for sale – including drugs, stolen credit card details, and hacked user accounts for various services like Netflix.

The Breach

The Uber data breach was only uncovered in February 2015 after a thorough investigation by Uber, which identified a system security flaw in September 2014. After the security flaw was identified, Uber worked quickly to isolate the issue and close the off the access method that was used.

Nissan Car Driver Sit
Uber staff discovered that a data breach had in fact occurred – on May 13, 2014, when there was a one-time access by unauthorized parties to the Uber driver databases. The database was accessed by persons unknown and the breach spilled the data of about 50,000 of Uber’s drivers, with almost half of them Californian.

The spill meant the intruder gained access to driver’s names and license plate numbers. Uber immediately offered drivers involved a free one-year membership to an identity protection program, designed to eliminate fraud.

The Alpha Bay Market Angle

At a similar time to Uber’s disclosure of the data breach, it was discovered that at least two people were on the dark web Alpha Bay Market hawking Uber accounts.

The Uber accounts on the Alpha Bay Market were selling for around $5 USD in March, allowing buyers access to a hacked passenger account. The accounts tumbled to as little as $0.40 USD in August following AlphaBay sales, and customers appear to be satisfied with the results.

How did these Alpha Bay Market sellers gain access to users’ accounts? We don’t yet have all the answers.

Users on AlphaBay appear to still be selling Uber accounts.

Why is the Department of Justice involved?

After the news broke of the data breach in February of 2015, sources appeared to link a mysterious Comcast IP address involved in the access to none other than Chris Lambert.

Chris Lambert is the Chief Technology Officer at Uber’s rival company, Lyft. The implications in this apparent identification are wide-ranging. Is hacking the competition a clever business move, or is it likely to wind you up in jail?

Now there comes news that the US Department of Justice may have become involved in the investigation. Following Uber’s internal enquiry into the matter it is feared that criminal activity has occurred.

Inquiries into the reports have yielded no results as yet. Lyft remains mum on the situation, only saying that they are sure that their Chief Technology Officer’s name will be cleared. The Department of Justice is yet to confirm or deny that a probe is currently taking place. Uber are refusing to comment on the current situation.

The Current Security Situation

The world’s data is now being stored online and across various companies and governments systems. The reality is that we really have no idea as to how secure each of our data is. Breaches like the Uber breach confirm that your details can be leaked anywhere, and at any time. The only solution is to demand that our data not be stored or at least purged regularly, and hold each company and government’s security practices up to a microscope.

With hacked data being obtained by the competition, or by nefarious means to be sold on AlphaBay, we need to be better informed to prevent identity theft.

What Felons Can Find On AlphaBay Market

You Won’t Believe What Felons Can Find On Alpha Bay Market

Easily identified as the largest online darknet market today, Alpha Bay is gaining popularity at a very high rate. Its major success can be associated with a unique array of items that one can find on the website. Since the marketplace allows the open sale of weapons, drugs, stolen credit card numbers and other numerous illegal items, it’s little wonder that Alpha Bay is being used by felons and law breakers to purchase and exchange black market goods and services. Criminals now consider it a haven that can be accessed and used no matter what your location on the globe.

Alpha Bay readily facilitates transactions for both legal and illegal commodities such as firearms, drugs, electronics, counterfeits, jewelry, forgeries, clothes, fake passports and identification cards, and stolen credit card data. With the way things are going, Alpha Bay might soon replace traditional methods of acquiring illegal items all over the world and remain standing tall as the safest and convenient solution for criminals. Below are the details of what felons can find on the best online darknet marketplace.

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Unlicensed Firearms

For some people, it can prove a major pain in the neck just trying to buy firearms the legal way. First off, a criminal record means that you do not have the right to bear arms. Alpha Bay has large selection of weapons for sale. Be warned, out of all the goods available for sale on any Darknet Market, weapons is the most monitored and tracked by Law Enforcement. If you are wanting to purchase weapons on any darknet market you will have a good chance of buying from an undercover federal officer and be busted very quickly.

Stolen Financial Data and Credit Cards

stolen credit card numbers
As the leading market for financial fraud and related items, Alpha Bay offers a plethora of credit cards and other types of hacked databases with personal data. Criminals are smiling all the way to the bank as the fully automated shop allows them to find any credit card of their choice by using Exp, BIN, Seller, City, State, Country, Zip, SSN, Price, and DOB. All stolen cards are released immediately and funds transferred to the vendor after only half an hour.


AlphaBay Drugs
Whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, people can find almost every type of drug on Alpha Bay. Felons are particularly grateful for this because they can get any substance, both legal and illegal as easy as visiting the supermarket. By simply placing an order on drugs like marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and other illicit substances, felons can receive packages without having any run-ins with the police. The online marketplace is quickly replacing peddler joints and kitchens that require your physical presence to make a purchase.

Features that Make Alpha Bay the Number One Marketplace for Criminals

There are some innovative features that have contributed to the success of the online marketplace as a platform for attracting felons. They include the incorporation of stringent security measures, untraceable payment systems and even more secure methods of accessing the marketplace without leaving a trace. Let’s take a look at these features and many more that set Alpha Bay apart from all other platforms.

Untraceable Bitcoin Payments

One such feature is the use of Bitcoin payments that allow people to purchase the illegal items with high levels of anonymity. This is followed by an Escrow system that aims to safeguard the welfare and security of buyers at all times. With Bitcoin, criminals can easily create a wallet that does not require them to reveal their identity at any point. This makes it almost impossible for even the toughest investigator to trace the origin of these coins. As further backup, the online darknet marketplace uses disposable addresses that incorporate an essential mixing service to provide extra customer protection.

Secure Communications

Have you ever heard of the term PGP? Well, it stands for pretty good privacy and is used for the encryption of messages such that only the intended recipient will view it. This comes in handy when felons and criminals need to mask or encrypt their shipping address to prevent any links. Alpha Bay uses such a system that protects users at all times. Nobody wants to use an online darknet marketplace that could expose you to risks such as getting tracked.

Escrow and Multi-Sig

As with any online transaction, it may be a bit hard to trust someone with your money, especially if you are a felon. After all, what is there to prevent this stranger from running off with your money and failing to deliver? Alpha Bay solves this problem by placing reliable marketplace systems that go the extra length to ascertain the authenticity of the vendor, as well as their intent. To facilitate good business practices, the marketplace administrator acts as an arbitrator between seller and buyer. But how exactly does this work? As a trusted third party, the sites administrator steps in and holds all funds in escrow until the purchased item is delivered as agreed. After the item has been received, the buyer can now finalize the transaction and inform the administrator who then releases the payment to the seller. This has worked wonders at preventing scams and facilitating honest transactions, albeit for illegal items.

With such unique and attractive features, Alpha Bay is set to be even bigger than before. As more and more felons discover the ease and convenience offered by the online darknet marketplace, the illegal items are sure to keep on flowing. Whether its drugs, weapons, financial information or any other illegal items, felons and criminals will always have a market to supply their demand without any run-ins with the law.

Stolen TalkTalk Data For Sale On Alpha Bay Market

A British broadband and phone provider is the latest victim of attack from hackers. In October 2015, TalkTalk’s website was hacked and some of their customers’ information was stolen. This includes date of birth, names, email addresses, addresses, phone numbers, bank details, TalkTalk account information and credit card details. TalkTalk admitted that some user information had been stolen and later confirmed that 1.2 million email addresses, phone numbers and names had been stolen together sort codes among other sensitive information that numbered to hundreds of thousands. This is the third hacking incident in the last 8 months. The first occurred in February and the other in August.
talktalk logoMany people have claimed responsibility for the breach but it has not been clearly identified who is responsible. The investigation is ongoing. Dido Harding, the chief executive of TalkTalk, assured the company’s customers that nothing could be done with stolen information. However, some of the company’s customers have reported that some money has gone missing.

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The stolen data is available for sale on Alpha Bay Market by a fraudster known as “Martian.” He offered to sell the information for 1.62 pounds at a time and also in bulk. To prove that he had the ability to access the database of the company, he sent the address and bank account details of one of the company’s customer. When speaking to one of the staff of Sunday People, he said that the customer data acquired contained personal bank information and is very valuable. He said anything could be done with the information and that it was real. However, he denied being involved in the hacking incident. It was said approximately 150,000 pounds could be made from selling the stolen data to various gangs.

Alpha Bay Market

Alpha Bay Market is a darknet market selling drugs, stolen good, and other illicit items. Alpha Bay Market can only be accessed using a specially-encrypted browser. Approximately 200,000 users are on the Alpha Bay Market.

To prevent information from being tracked, sales are done using Bitcoins which is an electronic payment system that prevents user information from being tracked. Criminal gangs who purchase this information use it to fleece unsuspecting victims. Some of the tactics used include sending emails to defraud people, phoning homes to see if there is anyone home and threatening victims to erase data unless a cash ransom is paid out to them.

The Mail discovered TalkTalk customer details being sold on the darknet. Other information that was discovered includes login information (usernames and passwords) of major companies including Amazon, Uber and Ticketmaster among other companies. Various customers of Halifax were also affected as their financial information was discovered being sold for 10 pounds each. Due to this, an investigation was launched by several companies dealing with cyber security.

Ever since commencement of investigations, various suspects have been arrested. A few days after the arrest of a 15 year old male in Ireland’s northern part, another boy, 16 years of age, was arrested in Feltham. His home was searched and he was accused of computer misuse. He too was released on bail until a later date which had not yet been confirmed. The third suspect was a boy, 20 years of age and he was arrested in Staffordshire as a suspect connected to the hacking incident.

As the hacking incidences increase, the Government has been urged to adopt the laws used in America whereby companies are required to make a report of any incident of a hack or data breach to a regulator. The TalkTalk hack was described as something shallow hence action was needed by the government. This would help protect users’ sensitive information. Andy Norton who works for FireEye, a security company, said that even if hacking occurs, most companies are not aware of it. He also said that most companies managed cyber security using “DLPI.” He then called for serious laws that would ensure notification of any breach.

A spokesman from the Metropolitan police commented that they were aware that the data stolen was available online they had taken steps to ensure that such data was removed in situations where it is possible to do so.

Hopefully, such incidents can serve as a warning to other companies to upgrade their security systems and ensure there are no existing vulnerabilities. It is yet to be seen whether the government will take any action and revise the current laws in order to deal with the frequent hacks and protect customers of various companies from being victims of the malicious tactics of criminal gangs.