Floki Bot Malware Up for Grabs on AlphaBay

Floki Bot Up for grabs on Alpha Bay

A malware called Floki Bot is available for sale on darknet market, AlphaBay.
A malware called Floki Bot is available for sale on darknet market, AlphaBay.

Zeus – a malware first identified in 2007, made numerous headlines for consistent hacks and data breaches it created. However, a recent press release from two reputable security firms, Flashpoint and Talos, is making many people worried – the Zeus malware may have evolved into something conceivably more dangerous.

Called Floki Bot, this Zeus variant has been trending from as early as September 2016, and this Trojan horse malware can be sourced from darknet markets such as Alpha Bay for about $1,000.

According to Andrew Jaquith, a security researcher with Yankee Group – the malware has capabilities that enable it to avoid detections by antivirus software and can slip through enterprises’ defenses unnoticed.

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Though Floki Bot source code has many similarities to Zeus, it has several modifications that make it more potent for many computer networks.

This malware listed on Alpha Bay uses a unique dropper method to execute payloads and also has a different network protocol from Zeus to enable it to avoid internet traffic detection method through Deep Packet Inspection.

The most worrisome feature according to many security analysts is that this malware that is being sold on Alpha Bay comprises a unique method that can be used to execute credit card thefts.

Further worries are that the malware creators made it have a perfect PoS targeting market and advertised it accordingly – meaning that it can be easily accessed by hackers to carry out and spread the harms the malware is intended for.

Floki Bot can scrape through the screen for useful data such as bank accounts and other important credentials.

Floki Bot, which is available on Alpha Bay, works on Windows Vista, Windows XP, and UAC-based Windows.

Additionally, it is supported in servers such as 2008/2008R2 and 2003/2003R2. The bots code runs on every process a user executes, and the ones that need almost no privileges to access – meaning that the malware can run in Guest account, which for safety reasons should not always be left running.

Besides, it has several processes that enable to bypass computer and network firewalls, and this feature means the victim’s configuration can be sent to the server so that an operator can create commands to hack or breach the victim.

Though the malware communicates through the HTTP protocol, its communication path is encrypted with keys that are unique to instances created by the bot.

HTTP injection enables modification of loaded pages on the victim’s side, and through the approach, Floki Bot can scrape through the screen for useful data such as bank accounts and other important credentials.

There are also several blocking functions that apply to the bot, and these include a sniffer and a keyboard grabber.

The bot can import Windows certificates installed on a victim’s network. Anytime the targeted payload is dropped, it undergoes encryption and stays encrypted until the dropper process creates a function in svchost or explorer.

At this moment, the entire payload gets to be totally unencrypted, decompressed and injected to execute on all the running 32-bit processes.

After all these processes, the payload can then be unpacked and decompressed to execute. The malware also renames itself and makes a copy of its code in a subdirectory under the Application Data.

Any of the stolen data gets new encryption, and are stored in a different directory that falls under the Application Data.

There are also several changes that are made to the victim’s computer and network registry, and these are intended to alter the victim’s security and make it more vulnerable.

The most amusing reason why this malware has been trending high on the darknet markets such as Alpha Bay is its perceived execution rate.

Zeus only had 30%, and Floki Bot is twice as much potent with a high execution rate of 70%, and a rare ability to decrypt track 2 part of a credit card.

The presence of this malware on Alpha Bay means its security breach intentions can be felt right from individuals, financial institutions, and the overall transactions done on the web.

Former Australian Cop Accused of Selling Fake Police IDs on AlphaBay

The Australian Federal Police arrested one Mr. James Gorris, 44, at his residence in Castlemaine on 22nd November, 2016.

The former Australian police officer was charged with manufacturing and selling fake police ID cards. He allegedly used an online platform on dark web, Alpha Bay, to conduct his trade.

Gorris sold fake Victorian IDs and Federal Police IDs. Other than that, the suspect was also accused of selling Borderforce, Aviation and Maritime Security passes.

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Former Australian Cop Accused of Selling Fake Police IDs on AlphaBay
Former Australian Cop Accused of Selling Fake Police IDs on AlphaBay

On Alpha Bay darknet market, Gorris used the alias “piratedeadpool” to sell police agency ID in exchange for bitcoins.

During his arraignment in Bendigo Magistrates Court, Detective Senior Constable Pye from the E-crime squad (an investigative unit that deals with online crimes), says that they set a trap for this “piratedeadpool” user who fell for it.

Undercover investigators pretended to be clients and transacted with the accused. This evidence was presented before Magistrate Murphy at the Bendigo Magistrates’ Court.

During the first transaction which happened last July 6, the undercover police agents confirmed to have bought Victorian Police identification cards and Federal Police IDs worth $4,800 and they paid online for the merchandise in bitcoin currency.

The second transaction between the undercover agents and the Alpha Bay dealer saw them acquire aviation and maritime security IDs; these will allow user access to Australia’s airports and ports.

Then, on the next transaction on the darknet market, the agents bought an Australian Federal Police wallet, a badge, and ID. Purchases were delivered through the Australian Post Express parcel.

On Alpha Bay, “piratedeadpool” even bluffed and told the clients, who in this case were the undercover agents, that using the fake IDs he could steal items at will from police stations including drugs, guns and ammunition, and evidence.

The former Australian police accused of selling fake police IDs on AlphaBay in exchange for bitcoins, awaits his fate in court.
The former Australian police accused of selling fake police IDs on AlphaBay in exchange for bitcoins, awaits his fate in court.

During the raid at Gorris’ place in Castlemaine, Constable Pye said they did not find any guns or drugs. This he said meant that the darknet vendor was only bluffing to lure more clients.

However, he said they found other merchandise, like badges, wallets, blank ID cards, card printers which confirmed that he did the manufacturing of the fake IDs.

The defense lawyer, Mr. Peter Baker, said his client really had no other criminal intentions or motives. He only used Alpha Bay for financial gains.

This was in response to the prosecution which said that Gorris’ dealings were illegal and dangerous as the fake IDs could be used to enter police stations and obtain firearms, bypass airport security or even make potential terrorist plots possible.

This would endanger the lives of thousands of people.

According to Detective Senior Constable Pye, they commenced an investigation on the Alpha Bay vendor five months prior to his arrest.

He said that attention was drawn to the dark web market website during their routine check of the site.

Alpha Bay, they discovered was an online site made anonymous with encryption and routing.

The Bendigo Magistrates’ Court charged him with four counts of manufacturing, supplying and distribution of assorted government badges.

The magistrate denied him bail as they feared that Gorris might try to abscond trial and flee the country, considering his expertise in forging identification documents.

The defense counsel quickly dismissed this claim as speculative.

However, during the trial, Magistrate Murphy commented and said that the possibility of the fake police identification cards could fall into the wrong hands was “frightening.”

He further noted that Gorris, being an ex-police officer, should have known better and the consequences of such actions he termed as dubious and reckless. The magistrate said that it posed a real threat to the public at large.

Gorris was remanded in custody until his next trial scheduled for the 15th of February, 2017. He would make an appearance once again before the Bendigo Magistrates’ Court.

Temporary Downtime on AlphaBay Market

Alpha Bay Market had been offline for the last few days sending some people into panic mode. After having problems logging in, one trader got a message from the Darknet Market saying that the problem would last only for just 5 minutes. Despite this assurance, the downtime exceeded its allotted duration making some individuals question whether AB was actually planning an exit scam.

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AlphaBay Market recently experienced a temporary downtime

Nevertheless, some traders were more optimistic, they were asking the complainants to be more patient because Alpha Bay market was probably doing a simple maintenance job. But then again, the timing was really inconvenient for most people. In addition to that, it emerged that some parts of the Dark Web site are occasionally experiencing issues with connectivity. In such cases, it was necessary to switch to another approved Darknet Market link in order to resolve the problem.

For other users, it seems that the PGP code is not working, that is why it’s difficult for vendors to open new accounts on Alpha Bay. Similarly, other users complained of not being able to process their orders, despite meeting all the necessary pre-requisites. This made it difficult for vendors to process orders and keep track on their orders that had already been shipped out. Sending direct messages to traders via Dark Web is not working as well.

Alpha Bay market users are complaining that the site is experiencing temporary downtimes; some have even mentioned that they may be planning an exit scam.

The PGP code was becoming a headache for most users because they are encountering failure. This includes those who tried using it in opening new accounts. The issue was far worse for those seeking to join Alpha Bay for the first time. Nevertheless, there were those who proposed using TAILS software as the preferred built-in version for Alpha Bay. But still, others warned that it was impossible for this to work, especially for those who were opening accounts for the first time. In short, they advised that users should do more online research about the temporary downtime in order to get a better understanding of what’s happening.

AlphaBay Customer Arrested After Buying Explosives

Texas-based Cary Lee Ogborn was arrested for allegedly purchasing explosives from Alpha Bay with the intent to use them maliciously.

The 50-year old was the target of an FBI trap set in Alpha Bay after he unknowingly set up a buy with an OCE (Online Covert Employee) of the FBI.

The undercover agent posed as an Alpha Bay explosives dealer from a different country – a front that was used to perfection to lure in the unsuspecting Ogborn.

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Sheer Luck

Ogborn’s luck had seemingly run out as the first seller he had contacted on Alpha Bay turned out to be an FBI agent.

An incriminating conversation ensued between the two where Ogborn revealed that his reasons for buying the explosives were not malicious – he was only looking to send a message.

The undercover FBI agent had then tactfully probed Ogborn to reveal more information about the nature of his operation and Ogborn had been all too willing to go into the details with the purported Alpha Bay vendor.

He was seeking to buy a grenade and a stick of dynamite – the former to create a diversion and the latter to cause the damage. He intended to lure out his target by blowing up his truck before proceeding to blow up his house.

Sealed the Deal

Over the span of a fortnight, the two Alpha Bay users managed to strike a deal which involved a package that included a grenade, a stick of dynamite and a detonator.

Once the bitcoins had been transferred to the OCE posing as an Alpha Bay explosives seller, a dummy package was assembled and sent to Ogborn.

The package consisted of toy components fashioned to look like the real deal. A US postal service tracking number was slapped on the package.

The FBI then proceeded to unmask Ogborn (who went by the pseudonym “boatmanstv” on Alpha Bay) and soon discovered that he drove what had been described as a “dark-colored” Chevrolet Corvette. Ogborn also had a business registered under his name.

Ogborn was arrested on September 16, moments after retrieving and opening the package inside his boat garage.

Dark Web Still Thrives

It wasn’t long before the FBI obtained enough information to know exactly what Ogborn was driving

This was a clear indication that despite the crippling demise of Silk Road, dark web sites such as Alpha Bay still thrive in the sale of illegal items. Ogbon’s capture, however, was the result of shoddy opsec.

Ogborn was apparently too content with the anonymity offered by Tor. He made his biggest blunder when he submitted an Outlook email to the undercover FBI agent to facilitate communication outside of Alpha Bay.

Outlook is a Microsoft service and as such, is under policy required to comply with the authorities.

It wasn’t long before the FBI obtained enough information to know exactly what Ogborn was driving when he personally retrieved the package from the post office.

Ogborn’s sloppy antics went as far as May 2014 when he posted a clear picture of his then passport which he acquired in preparation for a trip to Belize.

Ogborn could face up to 10 years in prison

Following his imprisonment for the illegal possession of an AR-15 assault, the 50-year-old went on Facebook to express his joy at finally being free and being able to go back to what he did.

Ogborn could face up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $250,000 if convicted for the possession of explosive material.


Two AlphaBay Vendors Accused of Drug-Related Charges


Two Brooklyn men have been indicted for selling cocaine and heroin on the dark web.

This follows a string of arrests of dark web vendors in recent times.

On August 2, 2016, law enforcement officers arrested Abudullah Almashwali and Chaudhry Ahmad Farooq.

And on August 11, 2016, Thursday, they were indicted on charges of distributing heroin and cocaine, and federal conspiracy, according to an announcement by Phillip A. Talbert, Acting US Attorney, on the website of the Department of Justice.

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Two AlphaBay accounts had been widely speculated to be run by the same person based on the nature of the product sold and quality.

According to the documents filed in the court, 31-year-old Alrmashwali, a Yemeni national, and 24-year-old Farooq, a Pakistani national, are large-scale vendors of heroin and cocaine and they primarily operated on the darknet market for illicit goods, the Alpha Bay.

They both reside in Brooklyn, New York and operated under pseudonyms “Area5” and “DarkApollo.”

Besides Alpha Bay, they also sold drugs on other darknet markets such as Dream Market and Oasis, and also on Agora and Nucleus when the sites were still operational.

It was widely speculated that the two Alpha Bay accounts were operated by one person as the nature and quality of the products sold by them were the same.

In fact, DarkApollo had even suggested users to check out the products offered by Area51.

At one point in time, even their accounts looked similar.

DarkApollo’s and Area51’s at one point, their accounts were mirror images of each other.

Further, Area51 informed through a Reddit post that he had set up a darknet market of his own.

Though they have turned out to be different vendors, the federal conspiracy charge was slapped on them as it was evident that they were working together.

Both Alpha Bay vendors shipped drugs throughout the US for the orders they accepted on Alpha Bay.

The law enforcement officials made two controlled heroin purchases from Area51 in May 2016.

Law enforcement officials tracked the packages shipped from post offices in New York to a post office box in California’s Eastern District.

They also identified Farooq’s involvement in other mailings.

During their investigation, law enforcement officers found out that the encrypted email address used by “Area51” and “DarkApollo” was linked to social network accounts (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) used by Farooq.

According to Reddit users who have bought drugs from both vendors, they use a similar return address.

The Central California Darknet Strike Force is responsible for the investigation of this case, which is constituted of officials from multiple agencies such as the DEA, Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs, Postal Inspection Service, and IRS. DEA was the lead agency on the case.

The prosecutors for this case are Assistant Attorneys Jeffrey Spivak and Grant B. Rabenn.

If convicted, Almashwali and Farooq would have to pay a fine of $1 million and spend 20 years in prison.

They will be transferred to the Eastern District of California and be held there until their sentencing.

AlphaBay Has Updated Its Privacy Policy

Alpha Bay ranks to be the most established and biggest darknet market operating on the Tor network today. While other darknet market admins were wreaking an exit scam, the booming dark web marketplace has exhibited a steady growth since late 2014. Since its launch, the Alpha Bay dark web marketplace has been one of the most reputable and well-maintained markets around, and doesn’t fall short either when it comes to updating its privacy policy.

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Alpha Bay is the first market to ever publish one, which clarifies its policies on data retention to all users- sellers or buyers, for added security in safely accessing and purchasing goods and services offer on the site.

Updated Alpha Bay Privacy Policy

The darknet market puts a strong emphasis on users’ security and implements the best possible measures to effectively mitigate risks linked to data leaks, server seizures, and infiltration of account.

Various sections have been detailed on Alpha Bay’s privacy Policy page as to how user’s information is kept, only to be eventually hard deleted and unrecoverable.

Note that Alpha Bay does not keep any trace of information that’s been deleted; neither do they keep records of user movement whereby all access logs show IP

User Accounts

User accounts are kept indefinitely and can’t be deleted. While deleting an account is not an option, it’s possible to edit your profile, including your password, and contact information. This would render previous versions unrecoverable since it would be overwritten in the Alpha Bay database, which holds no records of any profile or PIN edits.

Private Messages

Users’private messages sent by are kept indefinitely by default, but if both users leave their conversation or delete their copy, then the entire conversation will be hard deleted and impossible to recover, without any trace left and no analysis whatsoever that can prove it even existed.


Alpha Bay does not keep track of API calls, nor records or deleted keys, so there’s no way to find out if such request was made through the site or through API.


Whether they are read or not, notifications are set to be deleted after 14 days, while those sent over Jabber are kept only for 3 days.

Support Tickets

Message content are kept for 15 days, though the support ticket title, username and date are permanently retained.

Staff protection

Security concept: Closed Padlock on computer keyboard background

To access order notes or take charge over a dispute, staff members must have the approval of administration. This keeps a rogue staff member fromscrapingsale data and use it for malicious purposes.A staff member can read the order notes or take over a dispute after an administrator allows access to a staff member to a particular sale number.

Updates were also published for the, Autoshop Data, Sale & Order Data, Deposit and Withdrawal Information, Favorites/Blacklists, Feedback, Listings, and OTPs. The enhanced privacy and increased security levels and admin’s constant updates makes Alpha Bay distinctive among its competitors.

Vendor Shops Not as Tech-Savvy As Dark Web Markets Like AlphaBay

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Darknet markets provide a myriad of privacy and safety advantages compared to buying illegal substances on the street. The system may be regarded as imperfect, but offers more reliable information to users than that which the street transactions currently exhibit. Cryptomarkets hold the potential to cut down harm that may be caused by traditional drug markets in contrast to the online trade. This is favorable in terms of lower violent crimes connected directly to the drug trade, such as the possibility of being robbed, attacked or murdered. Alpha Bay ranks to be the biggest darknet market today. Drug dealers are grasping the opportunity of closing deals without face-to-face contact, coming up with vendor shops, but not without risks brought about by overlooked digital footprints.

The Tech-Savvy Generation


Last year 2015, Bengaluru police stated how the tech-savvy generation of today is more accustomed to using online services, whereby more people are choosing the online route which lets them buy drugs and distribute it anonymously. Though daunting, it’s actually simple for anybody to do with basic knowledge of the internet and means to hide their IP address. This kind of customer base of darknet shoppers could mean drug sales moving from mainly street-based to becoming an online staple.

This promising lucrativity has led drug dealers to start their own digital shops. A report released by the European drugs agency reveals how they are becoming tech-savvy in line with the rise of the online drug trade. However, it’s evidently not as tech-savvy as those behind the main sites such as Alpha Bay which remains functional as of today. The slightest fault could pave the way towards enforcement agents utilizing data to filter out and track the drug deals to individual computers.

With police keeping up with technology as well, sites on the dark web can be unpredictable and its life may be cut short anytime. It’s not only law enforcement operations that present a bumpy ride but downtime and exit scams that present both buyers and sellers added worry about its owners and their hidden plans.

Dark Web Criminals Make Human Mistakes


Staying anonymous on the dark web is a constant challenge to overcome, even with the help of anonymizing networks such as Tor and regardless of stature and tenure as drug vendor or administrator.

Ross Ulbricht, creator of Silk Road apparently asked for help in a forum in relevance to the site, who then posted his personal email address in the process. Blake Benthall, alleged operator of Silk Road 2.0, made the life-changing act of registering a server under his own name. Another sloppiness or audacity, or anything you want to call it, tells of a suspected drug dealer who attempted to trademark his brand under his own name.

It’s been further unraveled how some illegal sites are leaking identifying information about the owners. A site run by Doctor Drugs is hosted on the same server as “The Polish Connect,” another hidden service that may lead to the vendor’s location. The Outlaw Market forum,mostly offering drugs, has its “server status” page exposed, by which anybody can see technical information about the site. The Real Deal offering computer exploits, and Charlie UK (a site own by a cocaine dealer) had the same issues; while Rechard Sport counterfeit goods vendor, The Intelligent Black Market, and The French Connection had their own. These indiscretions put both dealers and buyers at risk, a common mistake by drug dealers switching from selling on marketplaces to starting their own digital shops, compared to more secure dark web marketplaces such as Alpha Bay.

Thanks to OnionScan, a custom tool that serves the purpose of making sites a better onion service provider, these issues such as image data, open directories, and exposed server status pages have been discovered. It was developed by independent security researcher Sarah Jamie Lewis.

With some common sense and proper research prior to utilizing marketplaces, like Alpha Bay who puts a focus on security and protection, one can save themselves from the headaches and all the trouble.

The Biggest Darknet Market

One of the stories on the dark web that shook its community must be the exit scam of the Evolution marketplace. The site owners created a stable community and became a prime contender that’s capable of replacing Silk Road, right before they shut down and disappeared with $12 million worth of users bitcoins. Despite the turmoil, other darknet sites like Alpha Bay stood strong.

Alpha Bay was founded by alpha02, reputable carder and carding forum member who has helped others through their concerns. He then decided to start his own marketplace, which has gained massive popularity and displayed a huge growth spurt in a relatively short time. The Alpha Bay site has its own categories and two streamlined and distinguished groups of users, buyers, and vendors. What makes the Alpha Bay distinctive among the rest of its competitors is the increased security levels the admin has implemented on the site.

Just recently, Alpha Bay beefed up its online security protocols and has announced as well that they would start enforcing stronger security measures. The latest security tactics involve pin based logins and 2FA or Two-Factor authentication. They aim to give their users protection against phishing attacks and possible hacking of user accounts, which works to both purchasers and sellers’ advantage and the long life of the Alpha Bay marketplace.

Cybercrime Trends Are Increasing

Research carried out by the security software and hardware firm based in the UK, Sophos, showed that cybercrime trends in 2016 point towards an increased use of advanced social engineering techniques as well as customized and targeted document-based attacks. James Lyne, global security research head at Sophos, warned that the cybercriminals are becoming more and more effective because of the employment of these techniques.

Speaking at the RSA Conference 2016, Lyne, who also works as an instructor at the SANS Institute, provided more information about these cybercrime trends and warned organizations about the emerging threats. According to him, true and tested threats and attack methods such as phishing attacks and drive-by downloads are being commonly employed as in the past.

However, he added that today’s cybercriminals are seeking new and greener pastures and are much better at using stolen information to make money. He also said that they have created a more mature marketplace on the dark web which is capable of putting even legitimate e-commerce sites to shame.

Explaining as to how darknet markets operate, he said that cybercriminal signing up on the sites are provided with a GPG or PPG key for authentication purposes. Researchers at Sophos who signed up for purchasing data for testing purposes received an email containing a PPG-encrypted Excel file having all information about a credit card account within two seconds of completing the purchase. He said it would be great if real retailers could provide their customers with such an experience.

Over and above all these, what was more distressing as far as Lyne was concerned was the advancement cybercriminals have been able to achieve in effecting social engineering attacks. During Last year’s RSA Conference he had pointed out the improvement in quality in social engineering attacks as they had moved beyond emails related to Nigerian princes to more targeted and well-researched information so as to fool targets.

For example, cybercriminals no longer send emails offering tax refunds as their success rate has become low. Instead, they send a résumé to a company that has put up an advertisement for job positions. Some users click on such emails even though they contain wrongly spelled words and grammatical mistakes. This trend raises a lot of concerns because it is capable of introducing document-based malware.

The latest development in this area is customization of document-based malware. Cybercriminals are purposely limiting the distribution of document-based malware so as to focus on approximately 2,000 to 3,000 people in a company. As a result, attacks have become more sophisticated and powerful. Further, combining document-based malware with advanced social engineering techniques creates a more devastating effect.

Alpha Bay Market

sans_logo_big_blue_n_whiteDuring his talk, Lyne specifically mentioned about the Alpha Bay Market, a marketplace that operates on the Tor network. Alpha Bay enables cyber criminals to sell, buy and trade data. He also explained as to how Alpha Bay would automatically delete credit card numbers they put up for sale once they have been displayed for a couple of days. This is because the account number would have been changed during that time. However, he warned that in addition to email addresses and credit card information, Alpha Bay offered several other products as well.

Alpha Bay Market, based in Russia, was officially launched in December 2014. It grew steadily and as many as 14,000 new users signed up during the first ninety days of its operation. Gwern.net, the website that provides information on darknet markets, placed Alpha Bay at the top based on probability of surviving for a period of six months. As of now, it is the largest online darknet market (with more than 230,000 users), as per Dan Palumbo, director of research at Digital Citizens Alliance.

Alpha Bay allows vendors to sell drugs, stolen credit card information, weapons, and several other illicit and legal items. However, the site forbids the sale of Russian victims’ customer data. Payment for the items purchased from the sites has to be made through Bitcoin in order to ensure anonymity. Transactions are always processed by means of a centralized Escrow system so as to provide protection to buyers.

Danish Personal Information For Sale On AlphaBay

Alpha Bay

Alpha Bay is the largest underground marketplace on the dark web. Alpha Bay is a darknet market that offers various legal and illegal goods. Here, users can buy drugs, electronics, counterfeits, and stolen credit card data among others.

Danish Personal Information
Alpha Bay has a massive abundance of Danish personal Information to sell on it. According to sources, complete packages of Danish information is being sold on Alpha Bay, including address, date of birth, telephone number, control codes, credit card numbers, email addresses and passwords. This personal information is purchased online for as little as only 75 Kroner. According to a 2015 survey, 34,000 Danes were the unfortunate victims of identification theft while 75, 000 Danes had reported credit card misuse issues.

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Recent trends in the underground illegal markets

Recently, a news survey reported, that the underground hacking markets are undergoing some noteworthy trends. One of these trends was the growing number of dealings in personal data. Nowadays criminal crews have started to offer all such documentation for a particulars price, which is used for highly sophisticated frauds and identity theft. Amongst these documents, passports, social security numbers and drivers’ licenses were also included. The process is a complicated one, first the hacker procures the documents, and then the criminal crews purchase these documents from them at a price. Surveys have shown, that nowadays, the markets are largely booming with fake counterfeit documents like passports, fully-fledged identity kits, social security cards, and utility bills. It is very much apparent that the hackers underground have started to take advantage and monetize on each item of personal data that they can too also find to carry out frauds online and in person frauds as well.

The immense value of personal details

stolen data

Credit cards: While searching for stolen credit card information, one can find two different kinds of offers. One of the offers is for dumps and the other one is for the CVV of the credit card. A CVV is the card verification value. It is a record of the name, card number, expiration date and the address of the cardholder on it. While a dump, is the information that is taken out from the magnetic strip at the back. It is to clone an original credit card by copying all the raw information to another magnetic strip. The difference between the dump and the CVV is that one can use a CVV in an online store, while user can use a dump in case of real physical transactions. The prices of CVVs and dumps are dependent on a number of factors. These are the type of card, the country, the expiration, and others. A dump is more expensive than a CVV.

PayPal accounts and bank logins: PayPal accounts are especially popular amongst the criminal crews. This is because a PayPal account is effectively used during the cash out process. Prices of PayPal accounts differ, according to the age of the owner, the account balance, and the country. Through phishing campaigns and through infectious malware, secure information is phished out of the victim’s computer. The prices are dependent upon the bank balance, the insurance of the account as well as the validity.

Online Accounts credentials: These are another type of information sold on darknet markets such as Alpha Bay. The account credentials related to Facebook, Apple, eBay, Twitter, Amazon and Instagram accounts are very high in terms of demand. An online account is utilized for two purposes, the first one is the cash out process, and the second is the sophisticated scamming schemes.

What Felons Can Find On AlphaBay Market

You Won’t Believe What Felons Can Find On Alpha Bay Market

Easily identified as the largest online darknet market today, Alpha Bay is gaining popularity at a very high rate. Its major success can be associated with a unique array of items that one can find on the website. Since the marketplace allows the open sale of weapons, drugs, stolen credit card numbers and other numerous illegal items, it’s little wonder that Alpha Bay is being used by felons and law breakers to purchase and exchange black market goods and services. Criminals now consider it a haven that can be accessed and used no matter what your location on the globe.

Alpha Bay readily facilitates transactions for both legal and illegal commodities such as firearms, drugs, electronics, counterfeits, jewelry, forgeries, clothes, fake passports and identification cards, and stolen credit card data. With the way things are going, Alpha Bay might soon replace traditional methods of acquiring illegal items all over the world and remain standing tall as the safest and convenient solution for criminals. Below are the details of what felons can find on the best online darknet marketplace.

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Unlicensed Firearms

For some people, it can prove a major pain in the neck just trying to buy firearms the legal way. First off, a criminal record means that you do not have the right to bear arms. Alpha Bay has large selection of weapons for sale. Be warned, out of all the goods available for sale on any Darknet Market, weapons is the most monitored and tracked by Law Enforcement. If you are wanting to purchase weapons on any darknet market you will have a good chance of buying from an undercover federal officer and be busted very quickly.

Stolen Financial Data and Credit Cards

stolen credit card numbers
As the leading market for financial fraud and related items, Alpha Bay offers a plethora of credit cards and other types of hacked databases with personal data. Criminals are smiling all the way to the bank as the fully automated shop allows them to find any credit card of their choice by using Exp, BIN, Seller, City, State, Country, Zip, SSN, Price, and DOB. All stolen cards are released immediately and funds transferred to the vendor after only half an hour.


AlphaBay Drugs
Whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, people can find almost every type of drug on Alpha Bay. Felons are particularly grateful for this because they can get any substance, both legal and illegal as easy as visiting the supermarket. By simply placing an order on drugs like marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and other illicit substances, felons can receive packages without having any run-ins with the police. The online marketplace is quickly replacing peddler joints and kitchens that require your physical presence to make a purchase.

Features that Make Alpha Bay the Number One Marketplace for Criminals

There are some innovative features that have contributed to the success of the online marketplace as a platform for attracting felons. They include the incorporation of stringent security measures, untraceable payment systems and even more secure methods of accessing the marketplace without leaving a trace. Let’s take a look at these features and many more that set Alpha Bay apart from all other platforms.

Untraceable Bitcoin Payments

One such feature is the use of Bitcoin payments that allow people to purchase the illegal items with high levels of anonymity. This is followed by an Escrow system that aims to safeguard the welfare and security of buyers at all times. With Bitcoin, criminals can easily create a wallet that does not require them to reveal their identity at any point. This makes it almost impossible for even the toughest investigator to trace the origin of these coins. As further backup, the online darknet marketplace uses disposable addresses that incorporate an essential mixing service to provide extra customer protection.

Secure Communications

Have you ever heard of the term PGP? Well, it stands for pretty good privacy and is used for the encryption of messages such that only the intended recipient will view it. This comes in handy when felons and criminals need to mask or encrypt their shipping address to prevent any links. Alpha Bay uses such a system that protects users at all times. Nobody wants to use an online darknet marketplace that could expose you to risks such as getting tracked.

Escrow and Multi-Sig

As with any online transaction, it may be a bit hard to trust someone with your money, especially if you are a felon. After all, what is there to prevent this stranger from running off with your money and failing to deliver? Alpha Bay solves this problem by placing reliable marketplace systems that go the extra length to ascertain the authenticity of the vendor, as well as their intent. To facilitate good business practices, the marketplace administrator acts as an arbitrator between seller and buyer. But how exactly does this work? As a trusted third party, the sites administrator steps in and holds all funds in escrow until the purchased item is delivered as agreed. After the item has been received, the buyer can now finalize the transaction and inform the administrator who then releases the payment to the seller. This has worked wonders at preventing scams and facilitating honest transactions, albeit for illegal items.

With such unique and attractive features, Alpha Bay is set to be even bigger than before. As more and more felons discover the ease and convenience offered by the online darknet marketplace, the illegal items are sure to keep on flowing. Whether its drugs, weapons, financial information or any other illegal items, felons and criminals will always have a market to supply their demand without any run-ins with the law.