Stolen Data For Sale On The Darknet

It is not so rare to find the stories in the news of identity thefts being perpetrated or large databases with personal information being hacked. While personal information are being stolen on a daily basis it often begs the question, what is this data used for?

stolen data
First of all, there are several types of personal data “packages” that can be bought on darknet markets each having their own bitcoin price, but the most popular ones are the full data sets consisting of anything from name and address to social security number, called “fullz.” These fullz are usually obtained in large numbers by performing hacks on databases of companies that deal in finance, social security or insurance and it is not uncommon to see them put up for sale days after news of data breach is reported.

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stolen data
Fullz can go anywhere from few Satoshi to a full bitcoin or two, depending on what information they provide and who said information belongs to. One thing that is mostly looked for and which greatly increases the bitcoin value of fullz is if credit card information is usable or not. While there are some buyers who will deliberately go for “dead” credit card information, in most cases, fullz with proper, working credit card information will go for a much more bitcoin than dead ones. The credit card limit is also one of the deciding factors when creating a price in bitcoin for personal data. It was reported that some fullz went for as much as 2 Bitcoin, since the data obtained belonged to somebody who had a $10,000 spending limit on their card.

stolen data
While carding, term for stealing credit card information, is quite advanced and wide spread on Russian part of the darknet where it can fetch a hefty sum of bitcoin, it seems that the English-speaking community is much less prone to it. There is also the inherent distrust towards carders that makes selling carded information not too spread on English marketplaces, due to which only a handful of marketplaces, like AlphaBay Marketplace actually sells them to begin with.

AlphaBay Marketplace Added New And Unique Features

With all the recent news circling the Darknet on exit-scams and market shutdowns it is a refreshing thing to see some of the markets not only managing to stay afloat, but actually releasing new features to help its users promote themselves better. It seems that AlphaBay has recently become a synonym for new features and while some users are not really happy with the market paying so much attention to “unneeded detail”, AlphaBay staff does not show signs of stopping their feature streak any time soon.

The two features that were released by AlphaBay Marketplace, as I previously mentioned, the goal of helping the users promote themselves in two ways. These are Sticky Listings and Sticky Topics. As the name suggests the first feature will be implemented directly to the market, while the second one will be usable on AlphaBay forum.

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AlphaBay – Sticky Listings

Alphabay Sticky Listing

The Sticky Listing feature will offer the option to highlight one of your listings for a limited time. If a vendor has some listing that he would particularly like to share with his customers or a new product enters his stock, they can make that listing “sticky” by going to their Listings page and clicking the Sticky button. After that they will be prompted to choose the time they want to make their listing sticky for. There are 3 possibilities for now and each of them has their own price depending on the amount of time wanted. The options are as follows: USD $120 for 7 days, USD $180 for 15 days or USD $300 for 30 days. After making their listing sticky, it will show among the top search results for the given category, thus making it more visible to potential buyers.

AlphaBay – Sticky Topics


The second feature is Sticky Topics. What they do is very similar with the exception that the first feature is made for the market and the second will be active on forums. After paying the fee (USD $150 for 30 days, USD $300 for 60 days or USD $450 for 90 days) the forum topic of your choice will be market as sticky and will appear in the top of the forum section where it is located. It is important to note that Sticky Topics are as of now only available for Listings Review section of the forum as to prevent the abuse of the feature.

The two new features have run into mixed feelings from the users of AlphaBay Marketplace, which is evident from the recent post on their subreddit and other forums. There are some users who believe that giving the ability to list low-quality products or vendors above the reputable ones for a fee is contradictory to the feedback system that was set up earlier and has shown good results. The other side of debate welcomes these AlphaBay features as a unique way to advertise if used correctly and could increase profits to some vendors.

Despite the split judgment of the AlphaBay users regarding the recent features, it seems that the market staff has no plans to stop rolling out improvements to the site, both aesthetic and practical.

The Darknet And Alphabay Marketplace

Darknet And Alphabay

Ever since the famous Silk Road takedown, it seems that the darknet has gained a lot of “unwanted” attention from the general public. The issue would not be as bad if a lot of people weren’t looking at darknet with an already created prejudiced view gained from listening to news about Silk Road. While there is a lot of criminal activity happening on the darknet it is not really a rumored “underworld” of the net where bad things can befall you the moment you “connect” to it.

Let us start from the very basics of what the “Darknet” really is. As some of you may know, there is a very big portion of the internet called the deep web consisting of unindexed data. This is essentially the data that Google, Yahoo and other browsers do not or cannot access generally due to it being intangible and not directly relevant to what users are searching for. One part of the deep web however is made up of websites such as the AlphaBay sitethat are intentionally “hidden” from browsers and that is what darknet is. These sites like AlphaBay have no regular URLs and therefore require special software to be accessed. And since you cannot search for those sites like AlphaBay you need to already know their address from an outside source. Essentially you need an invitation.

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AlphaBay – Tor

The above mentioned “special software” needed for accessing sites like AlphaBay is Tor browser. When connecting to internet using Tor your signal will be rerouted several times through the nodes making your IP harder to track and appear the same as that of the last or “exit” node instead of the one assigned to your computer. While this offers some degree of anonymity, your ISP can still see that you are using Tor browser and a persistent investigator can track you even if you are using Tor.

TOR Browser

This is where VPNs become useful. What VPNs do is they create an encrypted tunnel through which a user can connect to the internet, so your ISP only sees where you have “entered” the tunnel, but not where you are going or where you exited. The only one that knows this is the VPN service provider and you always want to choose the one that keeps no logs of its users’ activities. If that is the case there is 99% certainty that you are indeed anonymous on the web when using both Tor and said VPN.

Now that you have connected to your VPN of choice and fired up your Tor browser you will be welcomed by Tor’s starting page. After some inspection you will realize that Tor is pretty much the same as your everyday browser. You can even use it for your day-to-day browsing, albeit the speed will be much slower. With all this it is obvious that you are still connected to the “ordinary” internet or clearnet. So how do you connect on the darknet and accessed sites like AlphaBay?

Well, you cannot connect to it in the literal meaning of the word. You can only visit specific sites that are part of it since the whole point of darknet is that it is unconnected. If you search the clearnet for some links you will find a number of sites offering them to their visitors. There are also several subreddits of sites like AlphaBay that have all sorts of information on the topic. You do not have to visit any sites that have anything to do with illegal actions, but chances are you will run into some of them nonetheless. Aside from offering a relatively safe ground for illicit activity, the darknet is also used by activists and information traders from countries that are prosecuting and controlling the freedom of speech. This is the reason for a number of blogs on darknet that have information you will not see on clearnet. There are also sites which use darknet for secure information drop-off for any potential whistle-blowers (think E. Snowden controversy and you got the right idea). But like with anything, take it with a grain of salt since there is false information on darknet like on every other form of media.

AlphaBay Marketplace

For those who are looking for the notorious darknet markets like AlphaBay Marketplace (for research purposes obviously) there is a number of lists on clearnet where you can get the .onion links to them. AlphaBay has seen an especially good growth rate over the course of its lifetime, mainly due to the professionalism put into it. And that is another thing;darknet markets like the AlphaBay aren’t a rag-tag construction of throw-away code like you would imagine something that needs to be abandoned quickly would be. There are markets out there, like AlphaBay, that could stand toe-to-toe with clearnet markets design and feature-wise.

Alphabay Home

AlphaBay – Bitcoin

One thing you are sure to notice when visiting darknet markets such as the AlphaBay Marketplace is that all AlphaBay transactions done there are conducted using “Bitcoin.”By using bitcoin you can purchase goods or services from sites like AlphaBay without anybody knowing your identity. If handled properly,bitcoin can leave no trace of its user’s information at all and this is why it has become the currency of choice on darknet markets like AlphaBay.

Whether it is illegal or legal actions it seems that darknet is getting more and more attention from the general public. While the opinion on whether this is a good thing or a bad thing does exist, many visitors are just “passers-by” that heard about it and want to check it out. The problem is that many people have a bad impression of it, usually created by the notion that only offenders visit these pages and fail to realize that darknet offers the only possibility for somebody to freely express their views. But as long as mainstream media continues to report only on the bad aspects of darknet, this opinion is unlikely to change.

Alphabay Darknet Market Features

Given the fact that darknet markets are known to be short-lived it is not odd that most of them are made to be quite simple from the technical side of things. Outside the basic features needed to conduct business online and those that provide increased security for users, very few markets opt for “enriching” their site with users’ convenience in mind.

This makes the fact that AlphaBay is implementing such features all the more interesting. This should not be considered as a bad thing, on the contrary many of these features hugely improve the stability of AlphaBay and reduce the percent of scams and failed transactions occurring. While this has made AlphaBay more technically complex and part of darknet community frowns upon it, it seems that people are starting to get used to such additions and are welcoming them at that.

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Alphabay Digital Contact
One of the more recent features added by the owners of AlphaBay Marketplace is what they call a “Digital Contract”. This feature works in the same way that its name suggests. Like the regular contract both parties in a transaction decide on forming it to cover some additional business matters. One of them then pays the $5 contract fee and is prompted to write out the contents of the contract. While there is no given draft for this, the administrators of AlphaBay Market advise that the contract is written in such a way that it covers all the necessary data and possible circumstances one can think of. This will ensure that in case of dispute arising, there will be sufficient data to reach a clear and unbiased verdict. These contracts will be made visible on user’s profile regardless of whether they have been completed successfully or not. This will enhance the already existing rating and feedback system that exists on AlphaBay and ensures the legitimacy of its vendors.

Alphabay Digital Contact
Another feature that was implemented on AlphaBay is the Auto Shop. This feature has seen use in selling stolen credit cards and hacked accounts. There is also the possibility of filtering your searches by Name, ZIP, Country, BIN, Seller, City or others making the relatively large list of entries easier to navigate. There are some negative rants on AlphaBay reddit however, mostly regarding scamming. It seems that Auto Shop has an unusually large amount of scammers and the fact that the feedback feature is not usable when using Auto Shop does not help the matter. There are several instances of scamming reported on AlphaBay reddit and a significant part of community seems to stay away from this feature to avoid the danger of unnecessarily loosing Bitcoin. Despite this, AlphaBay Marketplace has not lost credibility, as their main website and marketplace are still one of the most stable and secure places to do business on Darknet.

Aplhabay Autoshop
And with the new ScamWatch feature being implemented as you read this, there is hope in even more reliable service on AlphaBay. While this will not outright remove the possibility of users being scammed it seems like a step in the right direction when it comes to creating a somewhat trustworthy community on Darknet.

For those looking for safety when buying or selling on the darknet, AlphaBay Marketplace is starting to pull ahead as the true successor of the original Silk Road even though it has yet to improve a lot in the eyes of Darknet community. With its moderators working hard on improving the user experience, one would have a hard time believing that AlphaBay is in fact, a Darknet website.