AlphaBay Now Implements Monero For Payment


Cryptocurrencies are used for most of the transactions that take place on the dark web.

The cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most commonly used currencies and they have been dominating the market for quite some time now.

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Alphabay is the largest darkmarket on the internet and plans to intergrate monero payments by September 1st.

However, the realization that the digital currencies do not provide total anonymity has encouraged users to seek alternatives to the use of digital currencies.

Monero, an open source cryptocurrency, is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative among the users of the dark web.

Recently, AlphaBay Market and Oasis announced that this currency can be used for purchases on their websites.

Monero works on CryptoNote protocol, unlike Bitcoin forks, and is significantly different in terms of algorithm employed for maintaining the blockchain.

This is to say that the CryptoNote protocol prevents tracking of the transactions – understanding as to who received or sent coins – through the blockchain because of its very nature.

Bitcoin and other related cryptocurrencies inherently lack this feature.

It is important, at this point, to note that traceability of Bitcoin transactions is not a design problem, but a feature of the blockchain technology.

Though Monero’s market value has grown to $20 million since its launch in 2014, the cryptocurrency has not received the kind of response expected. The user-base continues to remain small.

Currently, Monero does not have any GUI wallet. Monero can be accessed only through command line or web-based wallets.

Work on a native GUI wallet has been going on for two years, and users believe that it is in the final stages and will be released at the earliest.

Oasis Marketplace Supports Monero

AlphaBay and Oasis Markets to Begin Accepting Monero for Payments

The darknet marketplace Oasis announced on August 19, 2016, on their forums that payments in Monero would be accepted. In the announcement post,

Oasis said that users who place orders on their marketplace can now make payments in Monero (XMR) provided the vendors accepted it by suitably editing their listings.

Answers to the questions posed to Oasis moderators revealed additional details as regards the cryptocurrency.

Monero IDs have already been integrated, and it would function as an integrated payment method. However, deposits into an account cannot be made using Monero. According to the post, this feature would be introduced soon.

Additionally, Oasis has requested vendors to modify their listings so as to allow payments in Monero.

However, Oasis has not given a firm date by which full support would be provided and whether vendors would have to definitely accept Monero.

AlphaBay Market Supports Monero

Three days after the Oasis announcement, AlphaBay also announced that the marketplace would also accept payments in Monero.

The update provided by AlphaBay includes more details as regards Monero support. It provides a date by which deposits would be openly available.

In their post, the AlphaBay Market said that it is implementing Monero with immediate effect given the demand made by the community and taking into account the security features offered by Monero.

AlphaBay Market also said that deposits and withdrawals in Monero could be made from September 1, 2016 onwards.

In addition, AlphaBay noted that the platform has been upgraded to enable Monero Escrow/FE transactions and allow vendors to modify their listings suitably.

If a vendor does not modify his/her listings, then only Bitcoins will be accepted.

AlphaBay also said in the post that users would see their Monero balance on logging into the site, and they could search listings supported by the cryptocurrency.

Further, AlphaBay would add other currencies in the future depending on their demand.

AlphaBay would implement Monero support in two phases because of the marketplace’s size and side effects that the change could cause.

AlphaBay expects that the price of Monero would spike because of these changes and recommends that this is the best time for investors to purchase Monero.

AlphaBay and Oasis site upgrades would not affect users who are not interested in changing the cryptocurrency they use. However, AlphaBay and Oasis have urged vendors to be prepared for the changes that are likely to come along.

AlphaBay Vendor Known as IcyEagle Accused of Bank Fraud

Aaron James Glende, a 35-year-old from Winona, was arrested by the feds in Atlanta for selling fraud-related products on AlphaBay, a dark web marketplace.

He was also known by the name Icyeagle.

He was charged with different counts including aggravated identity theft, access device fraud, and bank fraud.

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Icyeagle – AlphaBay Vendor

stolen bank account details being sold

Aaron allegedly started to advertise on the AlphaBay since the month of November 2015.

AlphaBay is a darknet site that can be accessed only by using Tor.

Using the online pseudonym Icyeagle, Glende allegedly advertised to sell stolen bank account details on 4th May 2016.

This was listed under the “Fraud” category on AlphaBay.

Icyeagle offered to sell hacked SunTrust Bank account details. These accounts were known to have weak security.

The sale price was about $66.99 for an account.

There were also indications that Icyeagle had sold 11 account logins on AlphaBay since November 2015.

It was alleged that these accounts contained substantial balance amounts.

Though the first listing by Icyeagle in AlphaBay was for accounts with high balance amounts (30K – 150K), he placed yet another listing on 19th March 2016 in which he offered SunTrust Bank hacked logins for $9.99.

These accounts had balances of U$100 to $500. It is indicated that he had sold 32 such login details since November 2015.

It was during the months of March and April 2016 that an FBI agent logged into AlphaBay as a customer on more than one occasion in a covert operation.

The agent purchased SunTrust Bank login details from Glende using bitcoins.

The information that was bought from Glende had the following details: usernames, addresses, email addresses, passwords, bank account numbers, and telephone numbers.

These details were purportedly that of five different SunTrust Bank clients.

After that, Glende was arraigned on different charges, including aggravated identity theft, before the Magistrate Judge Janet F. King and was indicted on 28th June 2016.

However, the charges are yet to be proved and till such time Glende is presumed to be innocent.

It is the responsibility of the government to prove the charges against Glende during the trial.

The FBI is now investigating the case with the assistance from the Minnesota Police Department, Homeland Security Investigations, and the US Postal Investigation Service.

The AlphaBay Darknet Market

Alphabay Fraud Vendor IcyEagleAttorney John Horn said in a court statement that Aaron Glende allegedly sold stolen bank account details on AlphaBay, a darknet marketplace designed to sell illicit goods and services.

In the light of this arrest, he also warned citizens to be careful with their bank account information.

Most financial information is traded for cash on such sites.

AlphaBay has several features that are specifically designed for those wishing to buy or sell illicit services.

The categories are named as follows: Drugs and Chemicals, Fraud, Carded Items, Weapons, Counterfeit Items, etc.

The search function of the website allows the visitor to search for items by name. Purchases are to be made using bitcoins.

Much like popular ecommerce sites eBay and Amazon, users can search for vendors by name and could also rate vendors and their services.

AlphaBay Vendor Offers Unique Baked Goodies

An AlphaBay vendor who has been trading on the site for some time has recently announced the re-launch of a new line of edibles. These foodstuffs will be available on the deep web and mainly include baked goodies, laced with some favorite narcotics and psychedelics that customers like. The decision was born out of a need to create better-tasting edibles. Having toured many dispensaries in different places and tasted various baked goods, he/she was disappointed by their lack of quality and made it his/her point to create something that will make AlphaBay customers much more excited.

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weed-brownieThe recipe includes baked nutella shortbread cookies, raw cacao truffles mixed with either cannabis or psylocybin and other common treats like CannaBrownies prepared with a unique cosmic twist only for AlphaBay clients. Furthermore, prices have been lowered considerably to attract more people looking for tasty baked treats. Anyone can purchase them even those who only want to try out this delicacy for the first time; the AlphaBay vendor has applied every measure possible so that customers can always feel satisfied when spending money on these items.

Apart from being delicious, these foods are also healthy and affordable compared to other stores. Users will enjoy their favorite snacks mixed with cannabis strains, or any other narcotics they prefer. Lowered prices also mean that buyers have greater purchasing power and can acquire more for less, which is a huge advantage for those who are interested in making bulk purchases.

Other health stores only sell flat consumables not infused with the fun stuff, hence giving customers a mundane choice that they don’t prefer. But the AlphaBay vendor is taking things to another level by introducing ingredients that were unheard of in the past. There are very few people who sell such items on AlphaBay, better yet at the price, he/she is offering them. Therefore, customers should take advantage of this opportunity to buy all unique treats they have been thinking of at affordable rates.

how-to-weed-brownies-720x340Additionally, the different foodstuffs have been baked to professional standards meaning you won’t feel as if quality has depreciated compared to those which are bought from physical stores. The vendor strongly urges AlphaBay users to check them out, further guaranteeing their total satisfaction and money back warranty if necessary.

So far there’s been positive response from most AlphaBay users, with most wanting to try his/her products which are indeed turning out to be popular. They are promising to give it a try especially the psilocybin one, some have even admitted that just the thought of these treats can make their brains and belly rumble. Furthermore, the vendor says they have added a pinch of ginger inside their foods to aid in digestion; this also helps in easing assimilation of fungus. Some AlphaBay customers are even ordering their unique recipes, such as cookies with chocolate sprinkles in a six pack made with either flower or concentrates.

Common Phishing Techniques And How To Avoid Them

anthem-breach-phishing-attack-cited-showcase_image-1-a-7895Many AlphaBay users have been phished before, losing money or having their BTC balance disappear without a trace.

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AlphaBay admits that such an experience can be agonizing, but there are certain ways scamming can be prevented to safeguard your money from fraudsters. Nevertheless, since phishing methods have evolved with time, the best defense against phishers remains to be the application of common sense. Some AlphaBay phishing techniques to watch out for include:

Credential stealer, or “locked out after depositing” scam

It’s the most common technique used by fraudsters today. A fellow member sends you unsolicited “dox information” links for approval. While such sites seem like AlphaBay at first sight, they are just proxy domains that can capture your login details, thus giving the phisher access to stored bitcoins. But if there’s no available balance the AlphaBay scammer will record your deposit address, monitoring it for future incoming coins. To prevent this from happening, only use official links and avoid clicking on random referral sites.

PIN stealer

Here, the victim is tricked into following an “exclusive” phishing link that requests for PIN information and mnemonics upon signing up. AlphaBay will never ask for your PIN details if this ever happens then be rest assured that it’s a phishing page. In such cases even changing your password won’t help, mainly because the AlphaBay phisher already has your mnemonic data. You can quickly identify this anomaly by checking for authorized withdrawals made to unrecognizable addresses. This trick can also be prevented by only using the official links. A majority of users have been complaining about this issue, but there’s no way a withdrawal can be approved without one first having a valid web session cookie and PIN. The only reasonable conclusion is that somebody else has your AlphaBay login details.

Special deposit address

what-is-a-phishing-scam-136394107163503901-141103122830In this phishing technique, a person is tricked into following a special phishing link where the scammer will then see your “deposits address,” before copy/pasting it into your bitcoin client page and sending the coins straight to their wallet. Phishers use a special link that fetches data from AlphaBay but then changes on-screen deposit address. The PGP proof of ownership will henceforth not show validity. Some links even show their access key on the contacts page, meaning that users will unknowingly validate the phisher’s address by employing the phisher’s key. This can be avoided by getting the real AlphaBay login key and using it to authenticate stuff.

Withdrawal changer

Though less common compared to the other phishing techniques mentioned here, it can still happen and you should be wary of the risks involved. This scam occurs when you have a computer malware or bitcoin stealer program that alters address information on your clipboard after copy/pasting an address. Some of the phishing links even change the user address after clicking Send, without requiring any form of malware.

Competition Among Darknet Markets Are Growing

Competition for new customers has reached an all-time high on the dark web, with each darknet market offering fresh incentives meant to attract more clients to their platform. An AlphaBay vendor is now offering 10% off on the first item bought by those who’ve just signed up, some dealers also claim that AlphaBay is better than others since transactions are more secure and anonymous. Customers are guaranteed exclusive access to the biggest selection of best drugs they can possibly get, be it weed, LSD, cocaine, MDMA or any other narcotic.

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Additionally, there are quick and easy signup links on Reddit for those interested in joining AlphaBay for the first time. People promoting their invite-links also claim they are legit so as to gain more trust from AlphaBay customers, further encouraging them to check through for confirmation on this matter.

Beware of dodgy links that lead to fake copies of AlphaBay (phishing sites) where they steal your bitcoin. Make sure to use the correct and safe link found on this site in the guide page or the AlphaBay URL page.

Sign up is absolutely free and subscribers also have access to a wide variety of products and services, AlphaBay currently boasts the largest marketplace inventory on darkweb making it a favorite amongst many users. It further allows traders to tumble their coins so as to reduce the chances of being detected. AlphaBay also recently released a new multi-signature tutorial for its users, aimed at preventing market scams and driving out traditional escrow systems which are not very efficient.

Despite the competition between different darknet markets, individual traders are also contesting amongst themselves by supplying referrals links which they hope users would click on and buy their products. The Nucleus Market subreddit forum is filled with these onion referral links, most of which are from AlphaBay sellers looking for Nucleus refugees.

Those promoting AlphaBay say that it’s too good to be true and people who haven’t signed up yet are really missing out on something special. They say AlphaBay is today what the Silk Road marketplace was in its heydays some years back, buyers are assured of hot deals on narcotics, credit cards and guns amongst other items. They are mostly saying these things because they make money for each customer they refer.

alphabayMoreover, some vendors are advertising their wares with free “sample give away” to attract even more people. A new dealer looking to build his reputation is offering 30mg. of adderalls sourced from d-amphetamines free of charge. Likewise, there are vendors currently promising next-day door delivery for any product bought from them.

AlphaBay is free to sign up and all you need is a referral link from someone who already has an account with them. Those who were previously trading on Nucleus say it would have been better if they discovered AlphaBay much earlier, before Nucleus pulled an exit scam on them. People are registering in numbers together with their friends, and most agree that AlphaBay is currently the best darknet market, owing to its high levels of security and anonymity. Additionally, some vendors are openly listing their prices on Reddit with one selling 7 grams of Purple Hush at 0.1564 BTC, and another 1gm. Premium MDMA at 0.0405 BTC with a limited time offer.

Unencrypted Messages on AlphaBay Exposed

Recently, AlphaBay launched a new API feature allowing subscribers to retrieve certain information from their accounts without having to login. However, a bug was also released at about the same time giving random users the ability to obtain other people’s private messages. Some containing sensitive details like shipping address, and even internal communications between AlphaBay staff.

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reddit_log-100011890-large (1)A Reddit user, aboutthednm, first raised the issue on Wednesday 27th Aprilafter he noticed peculiar happenings on his AlphaBay account. After activating the API program, he queried his own messages only to get texts from someone else instead. He then published several alleged screenshots of the private chats, some involving conversations between dealers and buyers. Aboutthednm also said he saw physical addresses in a few of the communications, since users hadn’t properly encrypted their online messages, as is highly advisable when ordering items on darkweb sites like AlphaBay. He also accessed confidential details of Netflix, PayPal and adult site accounts, which are usually sold on dark web sites and then delivered via private messages.

Another Reddit user by the name of dnmThief also claimed he had actively exploited the bug, he wrote that it’s easy to view messages of unsuspecting AlphaBay users by simply changing their message id. dnmThief claimed to have obtained personal details belonging to more than 15 different users.

encryption-on-paper-with-keyNevertheless, it’s still possible to safeguard your AlphaBay account by installing PGP encryption system. It makes use of special keys to lock and encode data so that only the owner has authorization. These codes are unique and it allows owners to operate only specific locks.

The PGP system is based on a public-key cryptography sequence where each AlphaBay account holder has a private key. Specific key names indicate their main purpose. While public keys can easily be shared with others, private ones must be kept secret for confidentiality purposes. In terms of functionality, a public key is designed to encrypt data (locking) while private keys decrypt them (unlocking).

AB’s new API function allows people to perform various tasks such as reading messages, sending new ones, withdrawal of funds, checking balance as well as status of their orders/sales. While the bug can be used to steal chat information, it still doesn’t allow for direct theft of bitcoins since withdrawals require a 6-digit PIN password. Currently, AlphaBay has more than 91,000 drug listings and 18,000 others for fraud related products.

The marketplace’s affiliated Reddit account, alphabaysupport, confirmed this malware’s existence in a post,but also said that they were willing to pay user “aboutthednm” a bounty for discovering the phishing bug. AlphaBay apologized for the security breach and reminded users that only 1.5% of the total messages had been affected, which translates to about 13,500. However, message screenshots sent by aboutthednm show that the number is much higher at 77,232.

AlphaBay server logs indicate that just a single API key was employed to steal the data; also, only 1or 2 people had direct access to the information. This bug was online for approximately 6hrs. but got fixed instantly upon its unmasking. Management confirmed that aboutthednm was awarded a 5-figure sum for discovering the malware; they also promised AlphaBay users such a thing will never happen again in the future as they have now tightened their security. Furthermore, admin said it was only old messages which had been affected and people need not to panic. Sale and item order details still remained private as far as they are concerned. Despite these explanations, some AlphaBay users are still skeptical, raising concerns that law enforcement agencies might have exploited this vulnerability to access several messages.

AlphaBay As A Coin Tumbler

AlphaBay has announced that they are now offering coin tumbler services at conversion rates lower than what’s currently available in the market. Those who use transaction programs that charge up to 3% of the overall sum will find this new service very useful, it’s a whole lot cheaper at only 0.001BTC per withdrawal. This rate is fixed no matter what amount one is sending.

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-1x-1Through their unique obfuscation technology, the AlphaBay system ensures that blockchain analysis checkups can’t prove your bitcoins come directly from the site, for anonymity and security purposes. Since tumbling isn’t considered illegal by law and also no paper trails are left behind after a transaction has been done, AlphaBay customers are assured of total confidentiality when handling their bitcoins. Tumbling is an easy and more convenient way of enjoying financial privacy than other conventional methods that are there today.

Apart from charging a fixed minimal amount, AlphaBay also allows users to add 5 different addresses for each withdrawal made. Transactions are randomly split across these accounts along with an optional delay mode in sending, which lasts up to 24hrs. Making a bitcoin deposit and withdrawing afterwards is now a safe way to tumble coins and remove the link pointing towards your source of funds, all thanks to AlphaBay.

Tumbling, also known as mixing of coins, is a popular technique for erasing traces of your bitcoin income coming from different online activities. Using this technology, you can easily create new layers of security and privacy on your virtual operations while blocking all attempts to infiltrate them. Regardless of your activities on the deep web, it’s recommendable to use tumblers such as that of AlphaBay to hide bitcoin transactions and build flawless plausible deniability.

Unlike other darknet markets, AlphaBay has invested many hours of research, testing and configurations targeting site code and infrastructure, ultimately coming up with their own foolproof obfuscation technology developed from scratch. It allows for true mixing of virtual currency while also giving users multiple sending options to choose from. After paying the small withdrawal fee of 0.001BTC, there are no other additional charges for tumbling at AlphaBay.

bitcoin-codeAlphaBay is currently the largest marketplace dark web with a huge user-base that makes it a target for hackers, as well as financial institutions which often employ researchers to identify hot wallets,while also analyzing site information to disrupt the existing business networks. By combining everyone’s bitcoins and thoroughly shuffling them together using obfuscation technology, AlphaBay creates a decent layer of privacy in terms of deposits and withdrawals.

Nevertheless, the program only works at full potential when there are several users making deposits/withdrawals. This makes tracking of individual BTC transactions harder since there are many people involved. Hence, by using AlphaBay for making purchases/vending, you’ll generally contribute to the privacy and security of everyone else.

AlphaBay is a darknet site that deals in different items and services. Since it first opened market for darkweb users, the site has steadily grown in size and now boasts more than 20,000 listings on its sales page. You can only access it through a Tor browser which alters IP address via a unique series of “nodes.” The browser allows users to access darknet markets like AlphaBay.

Massive Selection of Goods On AlphaBay

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fighting-europes-capital-cyber-crime (1)The mechanics of operation of a free market is better understood by observing as to how an online black market works. In these times of cybercrime, the dark web can be considered as the best source for understanding the market dynamics. The dark web, which has evolved into a cybercrime economy over the years and increasingly specialized in the division of labor, is the place where fraudsters and identity thieves peddle their wares.

Today, the darknet markets offer a staggering menu of options as they quickly commoditize many widely available products and services, including stolen credit card details, social security numbers, full identity information, malware and other tools for just a few bucks. For launching a Distributed Denial of Service DDoS) attack or a stressor campaign against a target, a Botnet booter can be hired for a rental payment of less than $100 a day. Further, malware authors make available both malware-as-a-service and software for sale in the SaaS model for different ranges of prices.

Certain services and items such as 0-day vulnerability information fetch attackers more money as they are used for more targeted campaigns. As such, the illicit marketplaces on the dark web function as true businesses, offering several components bundled into special discount packages to customers who want to make a fast buck. In fact, the dark web economy is very sophisticated and complex.

Alphabay Market, one such online darknet market that operates on the Tor network, came into existence after Silk Road 2.0 was shut down by the federal authorities. Following its pre-launch in November 2014, AlpahBay was officially launched on 22nd December 2014. As many as 14,000 new users joined the AlphaBay site in just about the first 90 days of its operation., the website that provides information on darknet markets, even placed AlphaBay in the top tier based on the 6-month survival probability. Since then, AlphaBay has experienced steady growth.

In order to access AlphaBay, users are required to download Tor and use a special address. It takes only seconds to open an account on the website. The website is organized on the basis of categories of products and services offered, as in the case of other e-commerce websites, except that users cannot find listings for drugs, weapons or porn on Amazon or eBay.

The hottest selling item on AlphaBay is, without any doubt, drugs. There are more than 36,000 listings for cocaine, marijuana, MMDA and everything else in between them. Some vendors sell watches on the website. They may or may not be counterfeit or stolen. Some other vendors sell guns, while yet others sell guides costing less than one dollar that could help users make C4 explosives. Users can also purchase stolen credit card numbers on the website for less than $10. According to some review websites, there are more than 62,000 products listed on AlphaBay website.

AlphaBay is a darknet market that offers security measures such as Multisig transactions (2/3), 2FA (two-factor authentication), Withdrawal PIN, Vendor bond and Forced vendor PGP. For the multi sig transaction to work, both the seller and buyer are required to set their public multi sig key in their profile.

ScamAdditionally, AlphaBay uses the “Scam Watch” feature. It involves a team of the most trusted AlphaBay community members having a strong background in hacking, malware, fraud, etc., focusing on detecting as well as preventing different types of scams. They are paid to do this job and have been given the authority to freeze vendor accounts if they are suspected of scamming or if their account gets hacked. So far, the team has banned more than 200 vendors and successfully deflected a number of exit scams.

Finally, customers are required to leave reviews about the experience they had on the website as well as with the vendor as users do on Amazon and eBay sites. Positive feedback helps sellers to enjoy better trust levels on AlphaBay. This is an important metric that customers make use of to gauge whether a vendor or seller will scam them or not.

Over 57% Of Darknet Sites Offer Unlawful Items, Study Shows

Researchers have found out that a number of websites on the dark web like the AlphaBay do actually sell illicit material, but majority of such material they sell are not porn. The dark web is a conglomeration of hidden websites as well as services that can be accessed only by way of the Tor network. Recently published research on the dark web reveals that more than 57 percent of these hidden websites are hosting some kind of illegal content on their sites.


Researchers Thomas Rid and Daniel Moore, both from King’s College in London, created a customized script that was able to parse through as many as 5,025 numbers of live .onion-based websites. They found out that as many as 1,547 sites on the dark web hosted some material or other that can considered as criminal in nature. The leading activity on websites like AlphaBay appears to be centered on drugs. The financial criminal activities come in a close second.

The finding of the dark web researchers is definitely not a shocking revelation. This is because the very nature of the Tor network, which promises security and privacy, tends to attract clandestine type of operators and operations.

Researchers noted that the founders of the Tor network, who are exceedingly idealistic in many ways, appreciate the fact that a better reputation is essential for better security and that a bad reputation often leads to a compromise of security. They also point out that political leaders and law enforcement authorities would target activities that attract a great deal of clientele as Tor seems to do. According to them, it is a difficult and confusing problem. This is because a balance has to be struck in order to ensure that the Tor network continues to exist.


Alphabay is a darknet market that operates on Tor. The darknet market was officially launched on 22nd December 2014. The marketplace was founded by alpha02, a reputable member on most of the carding forums. After helping many carders on carding forums, he started his own marketplace.


The site has seen a steady growth and within the first 90 days, they had as many as 14,000 new users., the darknet informer website, even placed AlphaBay at the top based on a 6-month survival probability. Digital Citizens Alliance research director Dan Palumbo recognized AlphaBay as the largest among online darknet markets.

AlphaBay allows vendors to sell drugs, stolen credit card information, weapons and many other illegal items in exchange for payments in Bitcoin for the purpose of anonymity. The marketplace allows users to protect their accounts by using what is called Two-Factor Authentication.

AlphaBay processes transactions by means of an Escrow system which is centralized with a view to provide protection to all the buyers. As and when a transaction is initiated, the money is held in the Escrow till the buyers acknowledge the receipt of goods. Additionally, the marketplace offers a decentralized multi-signature system, wherein a private key is released to a seller only upon finalization.

In May 2015, AlphaBay announced the introduction of an integrated escrow system for digital contracts, which allows users to provide services in the future as per the agreed terms of the contract.

AlphaBay Sells both Legal and Illegal Goods and Services

In March 2015, it was reported that AlphaBay sold stolen Uber accounts. The marketplace put on sale data stolen from TalkTalk based in London after the telecommunications company witnessed a major hack in October 2015.

A podcast released by the website CodeBreaker talked about shopping experience on AlphaBay and purchase of legal goods such as pharmaceutical drugs.

New Feature And Upgrades On AlphaBay Market

AlphaBay, the world’s most prominent darknet market, has just undergone a series of updates designed to keep users safer and provide a more enjoyable shopping experience.

The changes are the latest in a succession of updates from the AlphaBay market team and bring the market in line with a more modern look and feel, while targeting phishers who have been trawling the darknet for opportunities to steal Bitcoin.

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Onion Cloner Phishing Scams

Using readily available scripts, phishers can easily clone .onion sites, making the new sites indistinguishable from the official site. Here you will be asked user names and passwords in the same way as the official site would. The only difference between the two sites to the human eye is in the website address.

This has long been a problem for clearnet sites, too. Luckily, for most clearnet sites you can easily tell the difference in the website address from the official site and a cloned site (eg. instead of Unfortunately for .onion sites, the website addresses are not easily remembered. This is due to a randomization of the address when setting up an .onion site.

Facebook Phising
To avoid visiting a cloned .onion website, always follow links only from trusted sources and keep a text file list of trusted addresses to compare against.

This phishing scam has been prevalent on the AlphaBay market website. Scammers often write a message to users pretending to be from the AlphaBay admin team and indicating that the current website is not safe, along with a link to a “safe” portal. When users follow a link to the next site they enter their details which the scammer then can use on the official AlphaBay market to steal Bitcoin from.

While the majority of changes to the AlphaBay market are designed to address these and other phishing scams, there have also been changes made to help with ease of use of the site.

UI Changes

The first up in the latest round of changes for the AlphaBay market is some UI changes to bring the site into line with a more modern feel. The UI is now more responsive and has a cleaner look to it. For some users with old browsers the skin may not work correctly. To fix this problem either update your browser or add the website suffix “/old” to the URL address.

Changes to Orders and Sales

For security reasons, orders and sales records are now removed securely from the AlphaBay market 30 days after finalization. This is due to accounts being compromised and then order details being recalled by the offenders. This 30 day rule was determined to be the best way to counter this problem.

User List Changes

Customers’ user pages are now no longer able to be accessed via a user number, only by the specific user name. It appears that scammers were iterating through user numbers and sending messages with phishing links to each user in turn. This will now no longer be possible.

The overall user count has also been removed due to speculation by various members of the darknet market community that AlphaBay were artificially inflating their user count.

Messages Section Changes

Each user’s title in the Messages page of your AlphaBay profile is now clearer. The changes make it easy to identify user ratings and feedback to ensure that no impersonation is happening. You can also easily tell whether the user is banned or not. Be very wary of following any links contained in messages from other users, as it is likely to be a scam.

PGP Proof for Deposit Address Change

Man Front at the Computer

Due to phishers adding in their own coin deposit pages instead of verified AlphaBay accounts, some users were being tricked into sending Bitcoins directly to scammers’ accounts. AlphaBay were seeing many missing deposit complaints where the deposit addresses weren’t listed AlphaBay addresses. The new PGP-signed proof of deposit address is an attempt to stamp out this type of theft.

To use the Proof of Ownership PGP verify the PGP signature marked on the deposit slip with the AlphaBay market PGP listed on the contact page. This will ensure the deposit address is indeed a verified AlphaBay market account.

These rolling changes are made to ensure the ongoing security of AlphaBay users and make the efforts of scammers frequenting the darknet markets less effective.

Always be aware of the risks when using darket markets. Ensure all dealings you do are with trusted sellers, and make sure to check their deposit PGP signature. Remember not to follow links from random messages and noticeboards like and keep a list of all trusted websites handy for verification purposes.