Vendor is Scamming People On AlphaBay

Alphabay-and-Nucleus-MarketWith increased focus on darknet markets following the closure of Nucleus Market, there’s been a lot of debate as to which darknet site is the most popular right now. While most people prefer using AlphaBay Market rather than the rest, their subreddit thread has recently been filled with complaints about illegal deals and sc ams targeting bitcoin users.

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The main culprit on AlphaBay Market has been an individual with the account name ManWithAXan. Approximately a week ago, he seemed legit having no negative comments on his page and all feedbacks being positive. But lately things have started to change and now he has several bad reviews, coming from people claiming to have been conned by him. Those who have placed orders with this AlphaBay Market vendor are still waiting for their shipment to arrive, though it’s unlikely to happen. Just a few days ago the same user reportedly offered somebody a free product sample, but on another different thread. He was probably just baiting them to place a much larger order.

ManWithAXan has been bragging about generating more than 30k in profits within 2 months only. However, it’s now clear that all his money is not legit. Some people have even claimed that he’s attempting an exit scam, which is characterized by no package being sent and no communication from the vendor as well. The trader is actively accepting orders but not fulfilling them. Sometimes he replies buyers through online text message when they request for more details about their orders, but still fails to fulfill them. Certain AlphaBay Market users are already placing blame on the site’s admin, wondering why this vendor is still operational despite having being exposed by disgruntled buyers.

There are several darknet markets currently available to users; however, not all of them are trustworthy. Therefore, any kind of live trade website must ensure that buyers and traders are well protected. Especially when dealing with bitcoins as the main source of payment. Since cryptocurrencies cannot be charged back after a transaction has been made, the risk of falling prey to scam artists is very real.

AlphaBay Market is currently the leading darknet market, though it might just be a matter of time until such platforms are completely shut down by cops. A short while ago, the Norwegian police force assembled a special unit to focus on Darknet Market Sites.

reddit-logoWhen searching through AlphaBay’s subreddit, it’s easy to identify what types of products they sell on the platform. Most of the feedback and comments revolve around drug deals, which are facilitated by the anonymity of the dark web. Given the open nature of these platforms and also lack of oversight, it’s easy to buy or sell anything to anybody across the world. This concept of trading attracts many bitcoin users from different walks of life, but that doesn’t mean they are totally safe from fraudsters. Several buyers have complained of getting scammed, with one Reddit user in particular pointing out that he spent close to 1,200 EUR in BTC and received nothing in return. The excessive amount of negative comments targeting AlphaBay Market sellers has taken a worrying trend, it’s now up to the admin to do something and save face for the site.

AlphaBay As A Coin Tumbler

AlphaBay has announced that they are now offering coin tumbler services at conversion rates lower than what’s currently available in the market. Those who use transaction programs that charge up to 3% of the overall sum will find this new service very useful, it’s a whole lot cheaper at only 0.001BTC per withdrawal. This rate is fixed no matter what amount one is sending.

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-1x-1Through their unique obfuscation technology, the AlphaBay system ensures that blockchain analysis checkups can’t prove your bitcoins come directly from the site, for anonymity and security purposes. Since tumbling isn’t considered illegal by law and also no paper trails are left behind after a transaction has been done, AlphaBay customers are assured of total confidentiality when handling their bitcoins. Tumbling is an easy and more convenient way of enjoying financial privacy than other conventional methods that are there today.

Apart from charging a fixed minimal amount, AlphaBay also allows users to add 5 different addresses for each withdrawal made. Transactions are randomly split across these accounts along with an optional delay mode in sending, which lasts up to 24hrs. Making a bitcoin deposit and withdrawing afterwards is now a safe way to tumble coins and remove the link pointing towards your source of funds, all thanks to AlphaBay.

Tumbling, also known as mixing of coins, is a popular technique for erasing traces of your bitcoin income coming from different online activities. Using this technology, you can easily create new layers of security and privacy on your virtual operations while blocking all attempts to infiltrate them. Regardless of your activities on the deep web, it’s recommendable to use tumblers such as that of AlphaBay to hide bitcoin transactions and build flawless plausible deniability.

Unlike other darknet markets, AlphaBay has invested many hours of research, testing and configurations targeting site code and infrastructure, ultimately coming up with their own foolproof obfuscation technology developed from scratch. It allows for true mixing of virtual currency while also giving users multiple sending options to choose from. After paying the small withdrawal fee of 0.001BTC, there are no other additional charges for tumbling at AlphaBay.

bitcoin-codeAlphaBay is currently the largest marketplace dark web with a huge user-base that makes it a target for hackers, as well as financial institutions which often employ researchers to identify hot wallets,while also analyzing site information to disrupt the existing business networks. By combining everyone’s bitcoins and thoroughly shuffling them together using obfuscation technology, AlphaBay creates a decent layer of privacy in terms of deposits and withdrawals.

Nevertheless, the program only works at full potential when there are several users making deposits/withdrawals. This makes tracking of individual BTC transactions harder since there are many people involved. Hence, by using AlphaBay for making purchases/vending, you’ll generally contribute to the privacy and security of everyone else.

AlphaBay is a darknet site that deals in different items and services. Since it first opened market for darkweb users, the site has steadily grown in size and now boasts more than 20,000 listings on its sales page. You can only access it through a Tor browser which alters IP address via a unique series of “nodes.” The browser allows users to access darknet markets like AlphaBay.

AlphaBay Market: New Improvements To Its Withdrawal & Wallets System

digital walletAlphaBay Market, currently the largest dark web marketplace, has just introduced a new set of security measures to improve users’ anonymity. Withdrawal & wallets systems have been enhanced so that they are now less susceptible to hacking. Withdrawals will be made in separate transactions for better privacy, all thanks to a new bitcoin tumbling system. Nevertheless, AlphaBay Market users still have the option of requesting for a single transaction at a minimal fee.

Additional security measures have also been imposed to obfuscate wallets, meaning that it’s now impossible to profile their hot wallets. Moreover, deposits addresses have been changed so users are advised to check the “Balance” page before making any deposits to an AlphaBay Market account.

In a recent post, administrators stated that their key role as the biggest online market is protecting buyers and sellers in the event they get arrested and make sure nothing can be proven against them. AlphaBay Market has implemented added security measures on its wallets to avoid profiling.

Some sites such as Coinbase and Circle are known for shutting down suspicious accounts fast, especially those that send bitcoins to online marketplaces on the dark web. This is done via a special technique known as “address input clustering.” It works this way. For instance, users make deposits on addresses 1, 2, 3 and another three individuals on 4, 5, 6. If a withdrawal is made on 1 and 2, blockchain analysis can show that they are being part of the same “cluster.” The typical default reaction of bitcoin is combining all inputs into one single transaction. So it is presumed that double inputs made in one transaction are part of the same wallet. If a withdrawal is made again from 4, 5 and 6, then that’s considered a new cluster.

This simply means that two distinct clusters have been made; 1, 2 and 4, 5, 6. If another transaction is made using 2 and 4, then linked together these two clusters, it will form one large cluster of 1, 2, 4, 5, 6. The process continues until a predictable pattern of the online market’s holdings is discovered. Other sites such as those mentioned above have their own analysis techniques and hold lists of addresses which are updated daily, that are believed to be part of a darknet market, they close all accounts directly involved with these address “clusters.”

According to AlphaBay Market, most high end bitcoin exchanges also actively analyze blockchain this way. Filing suspicious transaction reports if any user is suspected of conducting darknet market activities. Even though blockchain analysis doesn’t pass as court-admissible evidence in the US, it still gives investigators a decent clue on where to begin their search.


As most AlphaBay Market users might have noticed, in the past few days withdrawals were being done in many small transactions. Admin explained that they were still using the old bitcoin wallet while testing new features, hence the delays. But now a new wallet system has been introduced which will address the previous challenges. Transactions will be sent in small increments, with a randomized fee and time frame structures, as well as using single inputs to prevent all forms of blockchain analysis tracking.

Currently, AlphaBay Market has fully anonymous wallets. Apart from this new security measure, there are others that have been implemented as well to further improve safety and security. For instance, all addresses and individual transaction IDs will be deleted after 7 days. Order notes are also deleted after every 30 days period.

Identabit: The Opposite Of Bitcoin


Perhaps the strongest thing about Bitcoin transactions is its anonymity. This is because transaction verification does not happen through checking identities but via a complex algorithm. But this very aspect of Bitcoin is what has endeared it to criminals and underground market dealers. In the process, this has earned it the wrath financial regulators and government officials.

Enter Identabit

An Australian-based has announced plans to introduce a digital currency called Identabit that will allow regulatory acceptance by means of user association. Called Thinking Active, the startup categorizes Identabit as the first decentralized identity-ensured currency. Identabit represents a means of liberating decentralized currencies and many are already saying that this will be the ultimate Bitcoin replacement.

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Identabit was borne out of collaboration between Cryptonomex and Thinking Active. Cryptonomex is a Virginia-based firm led by Dan Larimer while Thinking Active is owned by John Underwood, a New York-based software entrepreneur. Larimer has been identified as one of the brains behind Blockchain 2.0 project, BitShares.

Bitcoin Plus Identities

Bitcoin is a payment system invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, who published the invention in 2008 and released it as open-source software in 2009.

Despite the closure of Silk Road and increased attention on Bitcoin transaction that may involve criminal transactions, digital currencies are still being rampantly used in ransomware attacks by hackers. As a result, it has made it all the more difficult for government authorities to trace payments, something that has led to most governments to be skeptical about Bitcoin.

Although the underlying technology known as Blockchain has tremendous potential in disrupting different industries given its more practical applications, government agencies seem hell-bent to suppress innovation with compliance. To offer something of a compromise, Identabit seeks to come up with another version of Bitcoin but one that is identity-based. This will allow the development of Identabit without the element of criminal activity.

Because Identabit is basically creating a permission-based ledger, it will not necessarily leave all transactions open to public scrutiny. Those behind Identabit claim that they are able to process 4x transactions of MasterCard and 6x transactions of Bitcoin network.

Is Identabit Superior to Bitcoin?

If the information from the Identabit website is anything to go by, Identabit meets counterterrorism and anti-money laundering acts. In other words, this makes it unusable for felons. It uses technology that makes it superior to Bitcoin in more ways than one. The technology that it uses is called DPos or Delegated Proof of Stake and it’s a fairly new technology. This has given it a transaction capacity that exceeds that of MasterCard, while the transaction capacity of Bitcoin is a meager 0.035 of MasterCard’s. Similarly, Bitcoin has a big disadvantage in that once the money is transferred, it cannot be recovered.

However, since Identabit requires that the identities of both parties be revealed, it enables disputing of transfers as well as recovery. This is because of the plenty of digital proof. In some ways, Identabit is more preferable and also more secure compared to Bitcoin.

How Will Identabit Introduction affect the Deep Web?

At the start, people seemed to be quite taken with the novelty of anonymous and safe currency such as Bitcoin. However, due to the public bashing that Bitcoin received, more people don’t want anything to do with this anonymous currency. Identabit seems to be the answer and has tapped into the fear of law enforcement by the public. It’s a privacy minded digital currency that also complies with all elements of the law. Looking at the wider scope of things, it spells trouble for darknet markets.

A theory has been advanced to the effect that majority of people who buy drugs on darknet markets like Silk Road don’t do so primarily because they need drugs or other illegal items. Rather, they do this for the novelty of online drug trade.

Bitcoin is a payment system invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, who published the invention in 2008 and released it as open-source software in 2009.
It’s possible that these people initially bought into the Bitcoin concept and then began to explore more ways of spending their newly acquired currency. The deep web almost always pops up when people search for Bitcoin, something that tempts people to explore about it a bit more. This might mean that a user eventually ends up at Abraxas or other markets, whereupon they will be overawed by the sheer fact that places like that even exist.

Instead of just window shop, a user is stimulated to purchase the goods by the ease of buying unlawful goods and the relative safety. But given that Bitcoin popularity has been under steady decline, coupled with heightened vigilance from law enforcement, darknet markets have been gradually losing customers and revenue. It is possible that the exit scams that many successful darknet markets committed were not simply to get customers enraged but to get out of business fast before Interpol catches up with them and before Bitcoin value comes down crashing.

The net effect is that the deep web will eventually experience a slow decline and a remarkable decrease in their user bases. Bitcoin is simply not the place to rake in the money anymore. The ever decreasing interest in Bitcoin is a major concern for deep web, no doubt.

Identabit will usher in a new era of cryptocurrency, and in the process it will devalue as well as stigmatize the Bitcoin. It is sad to say but the Bitcoin that all of us loved might be sliding quickly into oblivion.

Stolen Data For Sale On The Darknet

It is not so rare to find the stories in the news of identity thefts being perpetrated or large databases with personal information being hacked. While personal information are being stolen on a daily basis it often begs the question, what is this data used for?

stolen data
First of all, there are several types of personal data “packages” that can be bought on darknet markets each having their own bitcoin price, but the most popular ones are the full data sets consisting of anything from name and address to social security number, called “fullz.” These fullz are usually obtained in large numbers by performing hacks on databases of companies that deal in finance, social security or insurance and it is not uncommon to see them put up for sale days after news of data breach is reported.

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stolen data
Fullz can go anywhere from few Satoshi to a full bitcoin or two, depending on what information they provide and who said information belongs to. One thing that is mostly looked for and which greatly increases the bitcoin value of fullz is if credit card information is usable or not. While there are some buyers who will deliberately go for “dead” credit card information, in most cases, fullz with proper, working credit card information will go for a much more bitcoin than dead ones. The credit card limit is also one of the deciding factors when creating a price in bitcoin for personal data. It was reported that some fullz went for as much as 2 Bitcoin, since the data obtained belonged to somebody who had a $10,000 spending limit on their card.

stolen data
While carding, term for stealing credit card information, is quite advanced and wide spread on Russian part of the darknet where it can fetch a hefty sum of bitcoin, it seems that the English-speaking community is much less prone to it. There is also the inherent distrust towards carders that makes selling carded information not too spread on English marketplaces, due to which only a handful of marketplaces, like AlphaBay Marketplace actually sells them to begin with.

The Anonymous Virtual Currency “Bitcoin”

bitcoinBitcoin is largely considered the first decentralized cryptocurrency created. It was published as an invention by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and it was released as open-source software in 2009. While there were systems similar to it before it was published, Bitcoin has brought about a revolution in online economy and has inspired the creation of multiple other cryptocurrencies.

What makes Bitcoin one of the favorite means of payment online is the fact that while today’s economy largely relies on big banks, Bitcoin does not, since it is a completely decentralized system to begin with. This means that no single person, corporation or country has control over the Bitcoin market and nobody can claim them unlawfully. This is possible due to Bitcoin system’s design, making it essentially one big, virtual ledger. Everybody can access it through specialized software and since it is open-source, everybody can check it out to make sure that it does exactly what its creators said it would.

The primary way one can get a hold of Bitcoin is through mining them. While normal currencies are based on gold or silver reserves, Bitcoin are based on mathematical algorithms. By allowing your computer to be used for solving complex mathematical calculations using the Bitcoin software you are carrying out an action known as “mining”. Your computer is essentially helping in finalizing transactions which are part of Bitcoin block-chain earning you a small part of transaction fees which are translated into Bitcoin of value equal to the amount of your contribution. As its name suggest the block-chain is a structure made of Bitcoin blocks, lists of transactions happening all over the world. The block is updated regularly and its updates are sent to all miners working on it.

The way miners work on a block is by applying a set mathematical algorithm to it and gaining a so-called “hash” out of it. It is very easy to create a hash out of a block and computers can perform this task very rapidly. To make sure that the amount of available Bitcoin does not become too large, developers designed a way to make mining more difficult the more coins are mined out. This is done by prompting the miners’ computers to create a hash with specific properties which differ for every hash needed. Another important thing when mining for Bitcoin is “nonce”.  When Bitcoin block is hashed along with a “nonce” it should give a set output and unless one does not get that exact output, the “nonce” is incorrect and searched for again. Since “nonce” is checked in order from 0 upwards, it takes a considerable amount of time to find the right one.

A thing to note about Bitcoin is the anonymity involved with making transactions with them. To store Bitcoin, one needs only a personal address of their wallet. While everybody can tell how much Bitcoin there are on a certain address, no one is able to tell who the address belongs to. If one uses different Bitcoin addresses constantly and never deposit Bitcoin from different addresses into a single one, there is virtually no way to trace who the Bitcoin belong to.

It is for this reason that Bitcoin have become the primary currency when doing any form of business on Darknet. Due to illicit nature of many actions conducted on darknet markets it is vital that its users remain anonymous. There are multiple ways to protect one’s Bitcoin when dealing with unknown vendors, but one should always make sure to deal with reputable people before giving away their personal information. It is also important to note that there are numerous phishing sites around darknet, praying on inexperienced people and their Bitcoin wallets.

The most important thing is not to use the same account information twice and to make sure that the information you give does not link to any of your personal information. More than 80% of reported scams on darknet are nothing more than inexperienced users giving away their information to phishing sites, just to find their Bitcoin taken away by somebody.

Lately the Bitcoin has begun to take heavy criticism of their privacy policy, mainly due to their block-chain being public and accessible by anybody. It is for this reason that many people contemplated switching over to a different cryptocurrency like Altcoin or Darkcoin. The problem that has risen from this was somewhat counterintuitive to what one might think happened. Since the two above mentioned crypocurrencies have a “hidden”, encrypted block they raise more suspicion about the people using them. Firstly, there is the mentality that, it is obvious that if somebody would go to such lengths to protect their identity they must be hiding something.

Bitcoin-CryptocurrencyThe second thing needs a little bit more explanation. It is obvious that for those looking to hide something, it is the best option to increase possible suspects as much as possible. If there is only information that the suspect is using Bitcoin to conduct business it is not too helpful since millions of people are doing so just to buy a coffee at a local coffee shop or order something over the internet. The amount of people using other, more anonymous cryptocurencies is much lower, meaning less people to sift through if one was to look for you. So, essentially the decreased anonymity of Bitcoin has made it much safer and less suspicious to use than other, safer cryptocurrency options.

The only real problem that users of Bitcoin face, which greatly affects small vendors on darknet is its volatility or constantly changing value. For a small business, a single Bitcoin, with its value changing by tens or hundreds of dollars on a weekly basis can make a difference between making a profit and losing money. This is the primary reason why people are looking into alternative payment options, but so far none has offered the benefits that Bitcoin does.

If we sum it all up it is clear that Bitcoin will remain the currency of choice for darknet market users as long as its benefits outweigh the risks, but if a good alternative appears in the future, there is no doubt that it will be accepted with open arms.