AlphaBay Upgrading Their Server, Downtime Expected


AlphaBay has been encountering temporary downtime that has affected many users; most of them are experiencing 504 timeout errors upon trying to log in.

Furthermore, during peak hours the server is usually slow and backend also seems to be struggling.

As this problem persists, AlphaBay is optimizing its scripts with the hope of improving performance and downtime is expected for a few hours.

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Server Upgrade

AlphaBay Market is experiencing downtime due to server upgrade.
AlphaBay Market is experiencing downtime due to server upgrade.

Nevertheless, the community forum will remain open as they conduct server upgrade given that it uses a different backend.

The site admin is requesting for patience from members of the public as they continue looking for solutions and performing upgrades.

Some users claim that AlphaBay is probably trying to migrate servers without notifying them beforehand.

But there are those who are adamant that this isn’t the case as AlphaBay would require a huge amount of data to back up the existing files, which include seller profiles, feedback, user messages, wallets, vendor feedback, images and so on.

It’s also possible that they will try imaging the bitcoin server but this is unsafe since all transactions made may be lost in an instant.

Shutting down the site is necessary to image it, as the image might be corrupted during the downloading process.

New features added by Alphabay
New features added by Alphabay

Moreover, even after uploading all necessary images, AlphaBay site admins will still need to reconfigure source codes for new servers, as well as upgrade database, security and “load balancing” of servers.

The entire procedure can take several hours to complete and activate, which is probably why AB is currently experiencing some moments of downtime.

Over the years, AlphaBay has been adding new features that other markets have not yet adopted.

These include FE Vendor’s remediary wallet for preventing fraud, tumbling withdrawals, Vendor stats and so on.

Considering that they’ve been in business for the longest period of time, AlphaBay has a very clear intention of keeping the market running for many years to come.

They are not about to take it down for good partly because the site is being hosted from a “comfortable point where they aren’t worried about the authorities.”

For those who’ve been trading on darknet markets like AlphaBay, such downtimes are quite normal and it has happened even on other sites for an entire week.

But when the site finally comes back, it loads faster and functions much better than before.

As for marketplace users, they should be appreciative that admins usually take lots of time to create a convenient place for trading, and practice even more patience while waiting for people to actually use it.

It takes hard work, good timing, persistence and innovation.

Nevertheless, some people still think it would have been more appropriate if AlphaBay told them of the downtime ahead of time, so that they could prepare for the inconveniences caused.

Update: AlphaBay is back online.

AlphaBay Market Is Having Server Issues, Users Complain


AlphaBay Market has been witnessing major server interruptions that have led some people to question whether it’s actually shutting down, one user said that he placed $60 into the marketplace before it developed problems and is hoping they aren’t trying an exit scam.

He was not alone in expressing this concern; others too reiterated the same message.

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Alpha Bay does basic maintenance for not loading properly, and the buy button was faulty

A user commented that he hoped AlphaBay Market was just doing basic maintenance, in order to rectify a problem where pages were not loading properly, and the buy button was faulty.

Others disclosed that they were caught by surprise, with the downtime causing major inconveniences for them. The site was working fine for these people just a few minutes before it went down.

Another user had purchased items from AlphaBay Market for the first time after a full month absence but is now worried that his order may not reach him considering what’s happening with the server.

He even wonders whether or not the package was dispatched to him by the seller in the first place.

Those who tried to log in after AlphaBay Market went down were unsuccessful, no matter how many times they attempted to do so.

Even after typing in password and captcha information correctly, it still kept reading “authentication failed” and there was nothing anyone could do.

A couple of users also raised concern that their accounts might have been phished, as the signs were similar to those of phishing attacks.

Further saying, unless a fake alternate URL had been used during login then there was no other reason why this issue persists.

This group of disgruntled persons is adamant that the downtime isn’t caused by server issues, taking into account that there are those who were able to create new accounts and log in successfully during this period. Such individuals complain that they can only hope for the worst since nothing else seems to make sense now.

Despite all these developments, there’s still no reliable way of communicating with the moderators, who largely remain uncommitted to giving solid reasons on what is really happening.

AlphaBay only loading parts of listings, not showing buy button or the postage drop down menu.

For the lucky few still able to log in, AlphaBay Market is slow and only loads certain parts of listings, not showing any postage drop down menu like it used to in the past.

Transferring coins to the site is also becoming a risky business, no one is guaranteed of next day delivery. Probably, the previous website code was altered, and they are now working on fixing this issue.

It could also be that AB is targeting certain individuals for their own ulterior motives, considering that some accounts can log in without any hindrances while others are refused access no matter how many times they attempt logging in.

Though most users remain skeptical as to AB’s real intention on going offline, still there are those who are optimistic that things would soon be fine.

The proponents are urging people to be patient since AlphaBay Market has proven to be reliable in the past, and it is in business for the long run.

AlphaBay Market: Users’ Accounts Temporarily Locked

shutdownAlphaBay Market recently suffered a temporary shutdown due to security reasons; users who tried logging in during this period were immediately disconnected. This issue affected everybody doing business on AlphaBay Market, with some expressing total dismay that it had prevented them from purchasing certain items they required urgently.

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Following this technical glitch, some people were quick to suspect that it was another exit scam since they have been quite rampant on the darknet. With one Reddit user, in particular, saying that he had $130 in his AlphaBay Market account for making purchases, but all that was put into limbo after the shutdown has been announced. He was further disappointed that BTC value had increased by 27% by the time this was happening.

However, others urged for more patience saying it was too early to jump to conclusions since downtimes happen on almost every darknet site. People should not say it’s an exit scam at the first sign of a technicality since such claims are usually unfounded. After the disconnection has been announced, AlphaBay Market thanked users for their continued understanding as servers were being upgraded. They said logins would be enabled again within 24-hrs. duration after the downtime, but until then any attempts to sign in will be reversed by admin.

Nevertheless, users were also cautioned about a concentrated phishing attempt on online forums where hackers were giving out fake links to unsuspecting victims. Admin requested genuine account holders to report those who are sending out such referral pages so that they can be banned from AlphaBay Market completely. They also pointed that the hackers were saying members who fail to protect their accounts won’t be able to access the marketplace once it reopens again, so they would be better off sharing their login details with others online. This statement is not true and was only used by fraudsters to entice unsuspecting individuals. At first glance, the hackers seemed concerned about AlphaBay Market users’ welfare, but in truth, they were only interested in taking advantage of the situation. They could be identified by their broken English messages which were done intentionally rather than by error, for instance, one posted “Imshareing this” then went ahead to give fake promises to readers.

The AlphaBay Market moderator didn’t take this downtime lightly and went beyond his way to guarantee concerned users that it was just a temporary thing, he responded to queries genuinely giving people assurance that their money was safe. Furthermore, the updates were done at around midnight which is usually the time that most normal websites do their upgrades. But Nucleus refugees trading on this platform were still skeptical, saying that nothing is impossible considering what they recently went through at the hands of Nucleus. It’s not the first time that AlphaBay Market has experienced such downtimes; this also happened a few months ago, but the site came back to normal several hours later. Such interruptions affect both buyers and vendors alike, though the site usually comes out better than before after the upgrades are done.