What Felons Can Find On AlphaBay Market

You Won’t Believe What Felons Can Find On Alpha Bay Market

Easily identified as the largest online darknet market today, Alpha Bay is gaining popularity at a very high rate. Its major success can be associated with a unique array of items that one can find on the website. Since the marketplace allows the open sale of weapons, drugs, stolen credit card numbers and other numerous illegal items, it’s little wonder that Alpha Bay is being used by felons and law breakers to purchase and exchange black market goods and services. Criminals now consider it a haven that can be accessed and used no matter what your location on the globe.


Alpha Bay readily facilitates transactions for both legal and illegal commodities such as firearms, drugs, electronics, counterfeits, jewelry, forgeries, clothes, fake passports and identification cards, and stolen credit card data. With the way things are going, Alpha Bay might soon replace traditional methods of acquiring illegal items all over the world and remain standing tall as the safest and convenient solution for criminals. Below are the details of what felons can find on the best online darknet marketplace.

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Unlicensed Firearms

For some people, it can prove a major pain in the neck just trying to buy firearms the legal way. First off, a criminal record means that you do not have the right to bear arms. Alpha Bay has large selection of weapons for sale. Be warned, out of all the goods available for sale on any Darknet Market, weapons is the most monitored and tracked by Law Enforcement. If you are wanting to purchase weapons on any darknet market you will have a good chance of buying from an undercover federal officer and be busted very quickly.

Stolen Financial Data and Credit Cards

stolen credit card numbers
As the leading market for financial fraud and related items, Alpha Bay offers a plethora of credit cards and other types of hacked databases with personal data. Criminals are smiling all the way to the bank as the fully automated shop allows them to find any credit card of their choice by using Exp, BIN, Seller, City, State, Country, Zip, SSN, Price, and DOB. All stolen cards are released immediately and funds transferred to the vendor after only half an hour.


AlphaBay Drugs
Whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, people can find almost every type of drug on Alpha Bay. Felons are particularly grateful for this because they can get any substance, both legal and illegal as easy as visiting the supermarket. By simply placing an order on drugs like marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and other illicit substances, felons can receive packages without having any run-ins with the police. The online marketplace is quickly replacing peddler joints and kitchens that require your physical presence to make a purchase.

Features that Make Alpha Bay the Number One Marketplace for Criminals

There are some innovative features that have contributed to the success of the online marketplace as a platform for attracting felons. They include the incorporation of stringent security measures, untraceable payment systems and even more secure methods of accessing the marketplace without leaving a trace. Let’s take a look at these features and many more that set Alpha Bay apart from all other platforms.

Untraceable Bitcoin Payments

One such feature is the use of Bitcoin payments that allow people to purchase the illegal items with high levels of anonymity. This is followed by an Escrow system that aims to safeguard the welfare and security of buyers at all times. With Bitcoin, criminals can easily create a wallet that does not require them to reveal their identity at any point. This makes it almost impossible for even the toughest investigator to trace the origin of these coins. As further backup, the online darknet marketplace uses disposable addresses that incorporate an essential mixing service to provide extra customer protection.

Secure Communications

Have you ever heard of the term PGP? Well, it stands for pretty good privacy and is used for the encryption of messages such that only the intended recipient will view it. This comes in handy when felons and criminals need to mask or encrypt their shipping address to prevent any links. Alpha Bay uses such a system that protects users at all times. Nobody wants to use an online darknet marketplace that could expose you to risks such as getting tracked.

Escrow and Multi-Sig

As with any online transaction, it may be a bit hard to trust someone with your money, especially if you are a felon. After all, what is there to prevent this stranger from running off with your money and failing to deliver? Alpha Bay solves this problem by placing reliable marketplace systems that go the extra length to ascertain the authenticity of the vendor, as well as their intent. To facilitate good business practices, the marketplace administrator acts as an arbitrator between seller and buyer. But how exactly does this work? As a trusted third party, the sites administrator steps in and holds all funds in escrow until the purchased item is delivered as agreed. After the item has been received, the buyer can now finalize the transaction and inform the administrator who then releases the payment to the seller. This has worked wonders at preventing scams and facilitating honest transactions, albeit for illegal items.

With such unique and attractive features, Alpha Bay is set to be even bigger than before. As more and more felons discover the ease and convenience offered by the online darknet marketplace, the illegal items are sure to keep on flowing. Whether its drugs, weapons, financial information or any other illegal items, felons and criminals will always have a market to supply their demand without any run-ins with the law.

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